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Pain and Swelling of Prostate Gland

Prostatitis – the Inflamed Prostate Gland Prostate is a small walnut shaped gland located just below the urinary bladder in men. What Does the Prostate Do? It produces semen, a secretion essential for the nourishment of sperms. The sperms are produced in the testes and stored in the epididymis. They are transported from there to […]

Urinary Stones – How to Decide Treatment?

Medical and Surgical Management of Urinary Stones The modality of treatment for a stone would depend upon its characteristics, physical symptoms, overall health condition of the patient and the treatment options available. The location of the stone is also important. Is it in the kidney, the ureter or the bladder? U/S is done to make […]

How to Screen STDs?

Screening Sexually Transmitted Diseases STDs may give symptoms and express out themselves. However, they may sometimes remain absolutely silent for years. Screening is, therefore, required to catch them is phases of dormancy. STDs and Their Spread There are a variety of sexually transmitted disease. As the name suggests, STDs spread mainly via unprotected sex. However, […]

Serum Acid Phosphatase Test

Serum Acid Phosphatase Lab Test Acid phosphatase is an enzyme present chiefly in the prostate gland and the semen. Some amount is present in blood throughout the body. In a healthy individual, it lies within the normal range. Conditions Associated With Elevated Levels The test is done to diagnose and assess the following conditions: Prostate […]

What Causes Pee in Sleep?

Causes of Bed Wetting in Teenagers and Adults Q: I am 16 years old girl. I usually clean and shave my vagina daily. Now it became reddish and paining a lot. While sleeping I was peeing. What happened? -By Sheela Reply: Pain and redness in the area indicate that there is a probability of some […]