Why Urinating Becomes Painful in Some Females?

Q: Every time I pee it’s very painful; I almost cry. But there’s nothing I can do other than to to fight the pain. And some parts are irritating. I can’t wash it very well because of that pain and I have my period now. Is feminine wash OK? I can’t go to my doctor because that’s too embarrassing. What should I do? Please help.


Painful urination in women and girls could be due to changes in vaginal tissue and the surrounding area during phases like menopause or teenage. What is your age group?

When It Hurts to Urinate Around Menopause

Around menopause, the genital tissues start getting atrophied due to lack of hormonal support. This renders them prone to dryness and irritations. Urine is an irritant. Each time the lady urinates, the area gets irritated and inflamed. If no care is taken, small ulcers soon develop in the area. Treatment is applying lubricant and emollients on the area.

When Peeing Causes Pain During Teenage

In teenage, due to increased sexual urge, girls may scratch or vigorously rub the vulval area. On urinating, the scratched areas may pain and further ulcerate.

Treatment of Painful Burning Micturition

  1. Trim your nails
  2. Wash the area with cold water to keep it clean.
  3. Whenever you need to rub, use some lubricating cream.

Other Causes

  • UTI or urinary tract infections- They are common in women. Usually there is some pain or dull ache behind the pubic bone (groin area). Fever may accompany. The condition is treated by antibiotics.
  • Allergy due to any new bubble bath, soap or douche may lead to small ulcers or bumps in the area. Urine irritates these lesions, causing pain.
  • Infective conditions like STD and herpes need to be ruled out. They cause ulcerations which may pain during urination.

It is alright to wash the area and keep it clean. In case you notice any discharge like pus or blood, see a doctor at the earliest.

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Medical Advice (Q&As) on “Pain With Urination in Women

  1. Linda

    Supposedly, I will have my menstruation now. Then this morning, when I was urinating I felt pain; I think it’s a UTI. Can it be delayed menstruation?

    I had vaginal pimple 2 weeks ago, and took medication for it; can this also be reason of delayed menstruation?

    Last month, I’m not sure if I already had my menstruation, 1st day it was all brown in color then 2nd day it was red, then 3rd day already spot, until 5th day. Can I be pregnant?

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      Vaginal pimples cannot delay menses.

      Since you have delayed menstrual periods now, so you need to rule out pregnancy with the help of a pregnancy test.

      In cases of UTI, there is usually an increased urge to urinate. Also, the frequency of urination increases. Fever and low back ache may accompany.

      You may be having some vaginal infection like yeast/ chlamydia. Such infections are common after courses of antibiotics, as these medicines disturb the normal vaginal flora.

      Are you having any secretions from your vaginal opening? Try to note it. If yes, what is the color of such secretions, white, curdy or just slimy?


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