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How To Test Bone Density, Detecting Osteoporosis

What Do We Mean By Bone Density? In common terms, bone density is used as a synonym for bone strength. We generally imply that bones that are denser are stronger. Bone density is actually bone mineral density. It is defined as the density of minerals per unit volume of the bone. Bones richer in minerals, […]

Total Hip Replacement Surgery- After care, Exercises, Precautions

Total Hip Replacement This is a commonly done surgery these days. Here, the ball and socket joint of the hip is replaced. This is a main weight bearing joint of our body. So, take care after surgery to help healing and attain proper alignment and movements. You’ll need to follow instructions given by your doctor […]

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

What is Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) Two kinds of pains can be broadly identified after physical activities or work outs. One is which occurs immediately after the activity. And the other is that appears hours after. The latter, which  appears later is referred to as DOMS. Immediate Pain It is common to feel crampy […]

How to Manage Chemical Eye Injury?

Management of Chemical Induced Eye Injury It’s common for students to get injured by the chemicals they use in the lab. Most injuries involve the hands, however, sometimes a drop or splash of some chemical may enter the eye. Such situations need to be attended like an emergency. Common chemical that may cause injury include […]

Cracks/ Tears in The Vagina

What Is a Vaginal Fissure? A fissure is medically defined as a crack or breach in the lining surface. This can be the skin or the mucous membrane. Fissures can occur anywhere over the body. They are found in the vaginal area also. This area is very delicate and richly supplied by nerves. So, the […]

Managing Ankle and Foot Injury

Management of Ankle and Foot Injury It is common to get injured over the ankle or foot, while running, sport activities, cleaning lawns or other activities. Steps to be Done See if the person is able to move the affected portions without much pain. If no, this may be a fracture and you need to […]

Be Watchful After Head Injury in Children

Need to Watch Carefully After Head Trauma to a Child Q: My ten year old son was pushed down on the blacktop today at school and he smacked his head. He says he smacked it really hard and that his head hurts really bad on that spot only. He says he doesn’t have headache and […]