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High Fever With Cough May Be Typhoid

Is Cough a Symptom Of Typhoid Illness? Cough is not a ‘must be‘ symptom in typhoid illness. However, many patients suffering from typhoid may show cough. Hallmark Symptoms Of Typhoid Typhoid, caused by a bacteria named Salmonella Typhi, is basically an illness affecting your Gut. So, symptoms are mostly related to the gastrointestinal tract. You […]

Soft Puffy Swelling on the Body

Swelling Over Abdomen Abnormal  accumulation of fluid in the extracellular spaces is medically termed as edema. It presents as a soft  swelling in the body, which may be localized or generalized. Causes of Fluid Collection One may have a localized collection of fluid in the tummy. This is called ascites and is commonly seen in […]

Silent Cystic Swelling of Throat

Cystic Lump of Throat Q: I’m 37 years old female. I had been to an ENT clinic and drawn fluid. Ultrasound scan came back normal. I went back for check up and the lump hasn’t disappeared, should I be worried? Reply: ———— You haven’t mentioned the exact location of lump. But from your description, we […]