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Common Causes of Having Itching Around The Anus?

Itching Around The Anus Very commonly, people get an urge to scratch around their anus. This typically happen after washing the area or at night times. This is medically called Pruritis Ani, that’s itching around the anus. Don’t ignore this symptom. There are many conditions that can cause itching over there. It’s important to investigate […]

Recognizing Chancroid Sores And Treatment

Chancroid Sores Chancroid is an infective disease, which commonly infects the genital area. It is highly infectious, that is, may pass on easily from one person to another. How Do You Get Infected? It is caused by a bacteria haemophilus ducreyi. This bacteria may infect the skin or mucosal area of your genital region, when […]

Vulva Burning Sensation and Pain – Vulvodynia

Vulva Burning Sensation – Causes and Treatment It is also called vulvodynia. This is a common problem affecting many women, almost all age groups. The condition is characterized by pain in the vulva. Burning sensation or itching may or may not be accompanied. However, on examination, there is no obvious cause of the symptoms. There […]

Cracks/ Tears in The Vagina

What Is a Vaginal Fissure? A fissure is medically defined as a crack or breach in the lining surface. This can be the skin or the mucous membrane. Fissures can occur anywhere over the body. They are found in the vaginal area also. This area is very delicate and richly supplied by nerves. So, the […]

Vaginal Eczema

Vulval and Vaginal Eczema Eczema is a skin condition characterized by irritation and itching of the skin. It can occur anywhere over the body, but usually affects the exposed areas of the body. Eczema is common over the vagina and the vulva also. All age groups are equally prone to this condition. Types Eczema is […]

Scrotal Abscess

Scrotum Abscess Abscess or collection of pus inside the scrotal sac is termed as scrotal abscess. There can be many causes of getting a scrotal abscess. They include various kinds of infections in and around the scrotum. Common Causes Folliculitis on the scrotal surface Testicular infection Epididymitis Drainage from ruptured appendix into the scrotal sac […]

Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases (PID)

Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases (PID) This is a broad term encompassing infections of the female reproductive organs, including the ovary, fallopian tubes, uterus, cervix or the vagina. The infection is in the pelvic region of the female, hence the term. Most infections are transferred upwards during sexual activities via the vaginal canal. Therefore, many STDs are […]

Lump Coming Out From the Vagina

Mass Coming Out of Vaginal Opening There are various causes that may lead to the protrusion of tissue through vaginal orifice. Here are some important ones: Bartholin’s Cyst On either side of the vaginal opening are present small lubricating glands called bartholin’s glands. They function by secreting a lubricating fluid which keeps the vagina moist […]