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Effects of Diabetes During Pregnancy

Diabetes And Pregnancy The question is, why do some women get diabetic while pregnant? It’s not uncommon to see women, who were not diabetic before, to show high glucose levels after they get pregnant. Let’s know why this happens. There’s a logic behind this. The reason is the role played by pregnancy hormones. These hormones […]

How to Know If You Are Pregnant?

How to Know If You Are Pregnant? For first time moms, recognizing pregnancy may be difficult. There are slight changes in the body as you get pregnant and your body slowly molds you up to be a mom! These changes need to be observed carefully. You can then make out whether you are pregnant or […]

Vaginal Gas and Flatulence

Vaginal Gas The expulsion of air from the vaginal opening is called vaginal fart or vaginal gas. It may also be referred as vaginal wind. Having vaginal wind is very common. Every second woman may get it, especially after she has kids. The problem is rare in virgins. It occurs in women who have one […]

Effects of Cocaine on Pregnancy

Effects of Cocaine on Fetus During Pregnancy The drug is very toxic, both for the baby as well as for the mother’s health. It should never be consumed during pregnancy and lactation. Pregnancy is a phase when you hold responsibility. This is the first promise you make to a soul that you would guard him […]

Nipple Discharge During Pregnancy

Is It Normal to Have Leaking Breast During Pregnancy? As pregnancy progresses, many changes occur in the body. Some of these are expected or read earlier, while others take you by surprise. Some females report that they are getting a milky discharge from their breast during pregnancy. It may be while you are working in […]

Vaginal Skin Tags or Warts

Vaginal Skin Tags It is very rare to have a skin tag in the vaginal area. If you have any growth looking like a skin tag, you need to differentiate it from other similar lesions like a wart. What Do Skin Tag Look Like and What Causes Them? Skin tags are smooth pendular growths arising […]

How to Identify Your Risk for Diabetes During Pregnancy?

Assessing Your Risk for Diabetes During Pregnancy Gestational diabetes is  medical condition when the woman has increased levels of blood sugar in her blood during pregnancy. The overall percentage of women presenting with this condition is increasing each year in the United States. Estimates say that 18 out of every 100 pregnancies would have this […]

Empty Gestational Sac at 3 Months

Cystic Focus on Side of Gestational Sac Q: Hi, I went for check up with my obs gyne and I have this ultrasound report. “Small, anechoic, cystic focus, right side of the gestational sac with a live embryo. To rule out a second empty and deformed gestational sac.” Is it safe? I am 3 months […]

Managing Hemorrhagic Ovarian Cyst During Pregnancy

What Is a Hemorrhagic Ovarian Cyst? A hemorrhagic cyst is formed when any tiny blood vessel present on the wall of an ovarian cyst gets ruptured. Blood and debris fills up the cyst cavity, forming a hemorrhagic cyst. What Are Ovarian Cysts? Ovary is a part of female reproductive system. It produces and stores eggs, […]