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Time Taken To Withdraw From Atenolol

Can You Just Quit Atenolol Q: I am a male of 59 years being treated for hypertension at a local government clinic. I have been taking 25mg morning and afternoon of Atenolol for over a year now and my blood pressure has stabilised to 127/60. They have just told me that there will be no […]

All You Need To Know About Reclast

What  Is Reclast? Reclast is a brand name of a medication, Zoledronic Acid. This is a commonly used medication for treating Osteoporotic conditions. Another common brand of Zoledronic acid available in the market is Zometa. This medication is usually a 15 to 20 minute slow infusion, given intravenous, once a year to slow down bone […]

Patient On Mechanical Ventilator- All You Need To Know

Respiratory Ventilator This is the commonest form of life support given in hospitals. This is basically a machine used to assist breathing. When is it Required? In cases where the patient is not able to breathe himself adequately to meet the body needs of oxygen, a ventilator is needed. This happens when you have some […]

Latent Tuberculosis

What is Latent T.B.? A condition where the person has the tubercular bacteria in his body, however there are no symptom. The individual looks normal on examination, no cough, fever, loss of weight etc. The person may give a positive skin test, a positive blood test (quantiferon test), but the chest X ray is normal. […]

Statin Drugs – Use and Side Effects

Statin Drugs- To Take or not to Take? It is true that these drugs lower your cholesterol levels. However, these medicines have a lots of side effects too. Your doctor has to review the situation and weigh the positive effects vs the side effects of these medications in your case before prescribing these medicines to […]

Statins Linked With Memory Loss

Memory Loss May Occur With Statins What Is Memory Loss? Memory loss is medically called amnesia. It is a state of forgetfulness, which may manifest in many forms. A person may be forgetful about little things in day to day activities but remember his past. Or, there may be a difficulty in recollecting one’s past, […]

Chemical Imbalance in Mood Disorders

Chemical Imbalance in Mood Swings Our brain is a complex structure made up of many specialized cells called neurons. These cells have long tails called axons, which are sort of wires connecting different areas of the brain and other parts of the body. A neuron connects with another neuron or a muscle spindle via certain […]

Long QT Syndrome – Medications to Avoid

Long QT Syndrome (LQTS)- Avoid Certain Medicines Long QT syndrome is a disorder of heart rhythm that causes rapid and irregular heartbeats . The ECG of our heart is a wave sketch of our heartbeats. One single heartbeat involves the contraction  and relaxation of each chamber of the heart, one by one. Heartbeats are essentially […]