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Tonsil Stones – Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment

Tonsil Stones They are medically called tonsilloliths. They are stony masses present in the tonsillar fossa. What Are Tonsil Stones? Hard cystic masses of variable shapes, found on location where lymphoid tissues are present are called  tonsil stones. They may be whitish to creamish in color. How Are They Formed? They get formed when the […]

Pimples on the Tongue

Pimples on the Tongue If you find pimple looking bumps over your tongue, these are likely to be transient lingual papillitis. We don’t get pimples over the tongue. Tongue is basically a muscular organ, which serves to help us chew our food, taste it and in speech. The outermost coating of the tongue is not […]

Red Blisters Over the Tongue

Small Red Bumps Over the Tongue A normal tongue is pinkish in color and is covered by small nodules, which are actually papillae (taste buds). Tongue is a common site to study while diagnosing an illness. This is because, it faces many external disease causing culprits. Apart from this, it is expressive and gives a […]