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FAQs On AIDS And HIV Infection

What Is The Difference Between HIV And AIDS? HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus is a deadly virus, which infects humans. It makes you ill and, if left untreated, may finally lead to a condition called AIDS. So, AIDS is the advanced condition of the illness caused by this virus. How Does One Get Infected By […]

Recognizing STD – the Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Signs and Symptoms Indicating STDs There are many types of STDs and each present with typical signs and symptoms. Recognizing them requires a careful examination followed by investigations. Syphilis Caused by a bacteria called treponema pallidum. It is a sexually transmitted disease that affects the nerves and body tissue in an irreversible way. How Do […]

How to Screen STDs?

Screening Sexually Transmitted Diseases STDs may give symptoms and express out themselves. However, they may sometimes remain absolutely silent for years. Screening is, therefore, required to catch them is phases of dormancy. STDs and Their Spread There are a variety of sexually transmitted disease. As the name suggests, STDs spread mainly via unprotected sex. However, […]

Vaginal Skin Tags or Warts

Vaginal Skin Tags It is very rare to have a skin tag in the vaginal area. If you have any growth looking like a skin tag, you need to differentiate it from other similar lesions like a wart. What Do Skin Tag Look Like and What Causes Them? Skin tags are smooth pendular growths arising […]

How to Correctly Schedule Your Hepatitis B Vaccination?

Assessing and Scheduling Hepatitis B Vaccination Hepatitis B is a blood-borne viral illness. It is  transmitted through intimate sex (where exchange of fluid takes place), blood transfusions, through infected needles or any other way where you get in touch with infected bodily secretions including blood, semen or vaginal fluid. Hence it is extremely important to […]

Causes of Itchy Vagina and Its Management

Causes of Vaginal Itch Itch in the vaginal area implies some irritating stimulus there. The irritation may be some chemical irritant, fabric, any infection, dryness or even cancers. So, each time you ask yourself, why is my vagina itchy, you know there are many causes and evaluation is required. Let us pick them one by […]

Can You Get STD From Hand Contact?

Can STDs Be Transmitted by Hands? Q: Hi, I’m a 21-year-old guy. Would I get any kind of STD if I gave a handjob and touched my penis with the same hand right away, without washing my hand? Thanks in advance. -By Jamie Reply: Yes , you may get an STD this way too. Mode […]

What Causes Painless Vaginal Ulcer?

Diagnosing Painless Erosion on Female Genitals Q: Hi! I have a pimple like ulcer with pus on top. It is below the side of labia. No pain or discharge. Thank you. – By Mel Reply: A painless ulcer on or near the labia could be a sign of STD. However, there are other causes too. […]