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Is It Bad To Wear Headphones All Day

Headphones/ Earphones May Cause Hearing Loss This newer trend of using headphones or earphones most of the time is responsible for various measures of hearing impairments in newer generations. This way of hearing is definitely unnatural, and needs to be checked. Mechanism of Damage In a natural way, our ears gather up sounds waves from […]

Time Taken To Withdraw From Atenolol

Can You Just Quit Atenolol Q: I am a male of 59 years being treated for hypertension at a local government clinic. I have been taking 25mg morning and afternoon of Atenolol for over a year now and my blood pressure has stabilised to 127/60. They have just told me that there will be no […]

Risk of Cancer In Barrett’s Esophagus Undergoing Barium Swallow

Barium Swallow In Cases Of Barrette’s Esophagus Q. I want to ask that if someone has Barrett’s esophagus and if he undergoes Barium swallow x ray , then will undergoing barium swallow x ray increase chances of esophageal cancer? I am asking specifically for Barrett’s esophagus, that if some one has Barrett’s esophagus and if […]

All Your Questions About Pemphigus Vulgaris

Pemphigus Vulgaris Q. I have blisters over my chest area. How do I know if it’s Pemphigus vulgaris? A. There are many conditions that may give you blisters over the chest area. An exact diagnosis requires investigations. You need to visit a dermatologist’s clinic for this. He may examine you and then take out Punch […]

Dupuytren’s Contracture And Thyroid

Q. I suffer from hypothyroidism and over the last few months my left arm has become increasingly weak. The process accelerated recently (last 6 weeks) during a period when I moved house and was without thyroxine (T4) for three weeks. My left hand now looks like a claw and i think I’m developing a Dupuytren’s […]

Mini Stroke Signs And Symptoms

Recognizing Mini Stroke Mini Strokes or TIA (Transient Ischemic Attacks) often go unnoticed in many cases. It is essential to recognize and notice them, as such episodes may be an alarm signalling a bigger life threatening event yet to come. What is Stroke? Stroke is an event characterized by interruption of blood supply to a […]

Common Causes Leading to Pain When Stretching Arms Upwards

Common Causes Leading to Pain When Stretching Arms Upwards Shoulder Joint Our shoulder joint is a complex union of our upper arm, shoulder blade and the collar bone. These three bones articulate over more than one surfaces to provide maximum range of motion at this joint. However, stability of the joint is compromised in providing […]

Treating Under Eyes Bags

Bags or Puffiness Under Your Eyes This is a very common observation with almost all of us. At some phase in our lives, we may all notice baggy swelling getting developed under our eyes. It can be felt as slightly puffy cushion swellings, which gets heavier as the day progresses. Most people report that the […]

Treating Hypertrophic Scar

Hypertrophic Scar Patient presenting with a scar like tissue, as seen in the picture below. Complains that it is very hard and big. In the beginning it was very small. Gradually, it increased in size and became itchy. Painful when touched hard or pressed. What can it be? Doctor Answer: This appears to be a […]

Asymptomatic Carriers Of Coronavirus

Asymptomatic Carriers The first thing to understand is that asymptomatic carriers can spread this infection further. These are people affected by coronavirus, not showing any symptoms, appearing to be very healthy. Furthermore, they’re not coughing or sneezing. Even then, they may spread the infection further. This has been confirmed by WHO now. How Dose This […]