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Recovery Time And After Care- Cataract Surgery

Do’s And Don’t After Cataract Surgery It’s reasonable for you to wish to come back on your normal routine as soon as possible after the surgery. Usually, your eye would feel fine and tell you nothing of its sickness. This is so because it is, perhaps, covered and not fully active yet. However, it’s advisable […]

Blurry Vision in Diabetes

Eye Problems In Diabetics Diabetes is a state of uncontrolled blood sugar in the blood stream. This affect almost all parts of the body. All tissues are affected, both functionally and structural, to some extent. Common Eye problems Detected in Diabetics Progressive vision loss Sudden loss of vision Having floaters in the eye Double vision […]

Vitamins Help in Macular Degeneration

Macular Degeneration Degeneration of the macula is not uncommon as we age up. This is a serious eye disorder, where the central vision, that is, vision in direct line of sight, gets affected. What is the Macula? Macula is the most light sensitive portion of the retina, responsible for central vision. What is Macular Degeneration? […]

Why Eyes Become Red Or Pink?

Why Eyes Turn Red or Pink? This is a very commonly seen symptom. Before we understand why this happens, we need to have some insight into the structure of the eye. How Does a Normal Eye Become Pink or Red? Our eyes are like two small balls, fit into the skull sockets. They have many […]

How to Manage Chemical Eye Injury?

Management of Chemical Induced Eye Injury It’s common for students to get injured by the chemicals they use in the lab. Most injuries involve the hands, however, sometimes a drop or splash of some chemical may enter the eye. Such situations need to be attended like an emergency. Common chemical that may cause injury include […]

How to Improve Your Eyesight Naturally?

Natural Ways for Improving Eye Vision Q: Hi, I am 21 years old male. My eye specifications are- right spherical -.5, cylindrical -.75 90 axis, left spherical -.5, cylindrical -1.0 60 axis. Can it be reduced by meditation and better diet? Reply: There is no doubt that having a good eye friendly diet can improve your eye sight. […]