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What Causes Bleeding Gums?

Bleeding Gums It is common to find a tinge of blood on your tooth brush in the morning. Often, people ignore it. Remember, it is never normal to bleed from the gums. There are many causes of getting blood from the gums. The commonest among them is gingivitis. Gingivitis Gingivitis is inflammation or irritation of […]

Tonsil Stones – Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment

Tonsil Stones They are medically called tonsilloliths. They are stony masses present in the tonsillar fossa. What Are Tonsil Stones? Hard cystic masses of variable shapes, found on location where lymphoid tissues are present are called  tonsil stones. They may be whitish to creamish in color. How Are They Formed? They get formed when the […]

Halitosis (Bad Breath)

Halitosis (Bad Breath) Causes of Bad Breath If previously normal breath turns into halitosis (bad breath), causes may include: Food or beverages consumed (such as cabbage, garlic, raw onions, or coffee) Vitamin supplements (especially in large doses) Poor dental hygiene Dentures Cavities Tobacco smoking Throat infection Sinusitis Lung infection Gum disease (gingivitis, gingivostomatitis) Abscessed tooth […]