Low Back Disc Problems With Nerve Irritation

Q: Sir, I had a bike accident 12 years ago and ever since I have always had some issues with my lower back discs. I had been meeting a chiropractor, taking massage and was managing it. During all these years, I continued with my regular exercises, unless I had serious issues with disc, and I remain fit now. I am 40 years old, 5 feet 7 inches, weigh 65-66 kilos and my waist size is only 28. Especially in the last 4/5 years I have been so regular with my exercise, I was able to get into the above stats.
During my exercise and even in normal life I take utmost care in how I conduct my back so as to avoid any relapse of the disc issue. Still it happens, like at least once or twice in a year. With some rest and back belts usage, it gets into normal.
However, I always have some issue with my back which is mainly when I keep sitting or standing. If I sit continuously for about 20 minutes, I can feel a kind of irritation on my back. It’s not really a pain, but really irritating. I have been bearing this for long now. Similarly, if I have to stand in one posture for more than 5 minutes, then too I can feel a kind of heaviness or discomfort in the back.
However, recently I noticed that it is actually a spot a bit left of my spine, which is always where I have trouble. Discs are on the center of the spine, right. So may be my discs are not causing this regular discomfort or kind of pain. It is a bit to the left on the side of the disc. I can feel a kind of small moving little ball or something on the side of the disc. May be those small elongating part of the disc are touching my hip bone or may be the hip bone itself is having a problem.
Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Thank you.
-By Rajesh


It is your disk problem, in all likelihood, that is giving you this trouble.

Our vertebrae are arranged one above the other to form the back bone. Between every two vertebrae, there is a cartilagenous tissue called the intervertebral disc. This disc is prone to constant wear and tear.

During falls and injuries, it is this disc that acts as a cushion and bears maximum damages.

From between every two vertebrae, bunches of nerves come out.  They supply different parts of the body.

It appears that the intervertebral discs present between your lower vertebrae are worn out. 

When you stand or sit for long, pressure builds up between the the vertebrae. The discs are not able to absorb this pressure, so the nerves coming out get pressed. 

The irritation you feel is due to pressure over the nerves.

This irritation can be perceived over the lower back or on the sides of it.


You need to take care. Any pain or even irritation is a signal that the nerves are being pressed. This is not good. So, limit to small sessions of work. Avoid long periods of sitting or standing, like after every 20 minutes of sitting, stand for a while.

Eat healthy. Consume plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in a day. Avoid being constipated. Avoid alcohol, it is bad for the nerves.

The body will definitely do some repair work over the time. 

Continue with your back strengthening exercises. Be regular, but do not ever strain yourself. Read more about back exercises.

Take Care,

Buddy M.D.

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