Urine Toxicology Screening With Prescribed Opioids

Q: I am under a narcotic contract with a pain clinic, who prescribe both oxcycontin and percoset on a monthly basis. Part of the agreement in this contract is: I will be subject to “random urine drug tox screens”. I believe the reason for this is to show what is and is not in my urine. I understand the reasons and do agree why this is checked. However each and every month at the beginning of my appointment, I am given a cup and requested to give the urine sample. On one hand I am alright with this request but on the other I am not. I agreed to random screens and feel even though I know feelings are not facts. I feel I am being treated differently than what I signed up for. I pretty much had no choice should I want them to prescribe these narcotics every month.

My question is:
How many of these samples are actually checked for what is in my system and what is not in my system that should be there? If they are only checking some of what I am giving, then I agree- the samples are indeed random. However if they are checking them all, then I feel I am being treated differently than what I signed up for. If the contract said they require a monthly tox screen then that’s what it should be. Where as the contract says “random”, I feel it should be just that. I want to be sure and confident because I plan on bringing this issue to their attention as a legitimate concern of mine. Please respond and help. Thank you for your consideration.
-By Mica


These tests are done to determine the type and approximate amount of legal and illegal drugs a person has been taking. The test being done for screening the toxicity of oxcycontin and percoset, also screens other opiates (like heroine etc.). So the screening covers the prescribed drugs as well as other drugs which are used commonly for addiction purpose.

As you can understand, this is somewhere essential. The pain clinics have to be cautious about this issue. The drugs being prescribed do have addictive properties. So, the clinic has to be vigilant about:

  • Any intentional overdose
  • Any adverse reaction
  • Any drug misuse
  • Checking if the patient is taking any other drug of similar class.

Random checks are usually done. Monthly checks alone would not be adequate. You need to read the contract carefully, as different clinics may have different policies.

Take Care,

Buddy M.D.

Medical Advice (Q&As) on “Urine Drug Tox Screen Test With Narcotics Prescription

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      It would take around 2 days (48 hours) for the drug to not show up in urine. It may take longer if you have a liver disease, or some kidney problem.

      If you are taking some other medications, the excretion of the drug may get influenced.

  1. Ralph

    I’ve been drinking 100oz a day plus of water with 6 or more fresh lime slice in my water jugs trying to get rid of a gram of cocaine since Friday. I have a urine test on Tuesday. I really drink close to 200 oz day since Friday. Will I possibly pass? I’m 140lbs very athletic. I also do 50 a set in push-ups 4 times a day since Friday night. Please let me know if I have a chance.


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