What Can Be Done for Immature Testes in Adulthood?

Q: My right testicle is about half the size of my left. My right one did not descend until my early teens and never grew to the size of my left. I regularly check them for lumps or any differences and I’ve not found any changes. I feel conscious about it. What options do I have such as removal and implant. Thank you.


You could have opted for hormonal therapy in your childhood. Hormones when taken early in life are likely to promote development of genital organs.

Since one of your testicles is normally developed, there should be no fertility issue. One normal testicle is enough for sperm production.

Do you have any other associated genital problems, like-

  • Low level of testosterone (male hormone)
  • Underdeveloped penis, scrotal sac
  • Erection problems

In case you have any of the above associated problems, you require evaluation and treatment.

A single immature testes should not be worrisome.

Once you are already an adult, nothing can be done to make it normal again. So, hormonal therapies won’t work now.

You may visit a doctor and get it examined. Doctors may advise to let it remain as such or get it excised surgically.

Benefits of Surgical Excision

Surgical excision is suggested because of the following reasons-

  • Such an immature testes has a tendency to become malignant with age.
  • Risk of torsion or twisting of the testicle.
  • This organ is not useful now. It is prone to get infected.

In case you don’t go for surgical excision, it would be necessary to examine it regularly.

Be watchful for any cancerous changes. If you notice any change in texture, from soft to firm or hard, your need to go to a doctor immediately.

Take Care,

Buddy M.D.

Medical Advice (Q&As) on “One Testicle Small and Immature

  1. Houston

    Hello, my 7 year old son has been having very painful erections. After numerous trips to the doctor all of his urine samples and paperwork have come back negative. He was also given medication in case something didn’t show up via the test. My son is still in pain. One doctor said she saw a lump on the shaft and another doctor doesn’t see it at all yet he still is in pain every so often. I made an appointment to see an urologist which is weeks away. Which is the soonest they could see him. Please Help!! And no he doesn’t have sickle cell which the doctor’s also thought maybe causing the painful erections.

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      He needs immediate treatment. A delay in treatment may lead to permanent damage.

      Is his B.P. within normal range? What medication is he taking?

      You may apply ice packs over the penis to alleviate pain at home.

      Visit your doctor at the earliest.

  2. Tim

    I recently noticed that I have a set of two holes on my upper shaft when I remove my foreskin. A couple weeks ago I removed a with seed like object from one of the holes. What is it? I am 13 and have just started puberty. I already have pubes.


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