Painful Testicular Lump

Q: Doctor, I am a 31 years old male. I have found today that my right testicle has a painful lump. For the last two three months, I have also experienced a very great pain in my pelvic area and lower back. I am now thinking that I am suffering from testicular cancer as I have used tobacco and alcohol for the last 20 years. Is there any chance to get affected from testicular cancer.

Apart from these, I have been experiencing heart burn for the last 3-4 years. Now I experience that my neck and throat area is tight and uncomfortable since last 2 days. I feel loss of appetite. If I eat food, I feel burning in my throat and upper back side of chest. What could these be? And lastly I have been using benzodiazepines for last 6 months as advised by the doctor for the treatment of gad symptoms. I stopped the medication since one month without consulting the doctor. I feel uncomfortable now. Is there any means to avoid these drugs so that I can retain my previous mental health? I am solitary and feel loss of memory and phobias. Please let me know what to do.
-By Vivek


The painful lump in your right testicle is very unlikely to be cancerous. Cancer growths are:

  • Typically painless,
  • Grow very rapidly and
  • Have a tendency to get somewhat fixed in their place. They are not very mobile.


A lump that is painful is more likely to have an infectious cause. Both the testicle itself and the epididymis are prone to infection with microorganisms.

Common possibilities in your case would be:

  • A small bag like structure that contains fluid and dead sperm cells. Such a bag may get infected and cause pain (spermatocele).
  • Epididymitis– Infection of epididymal duct of the testes.
  • Orchitis– Infection of the testes.
  • Infection of the scrotal sac.
  • Any injury or trauma to that region.

Have you had any recent injuries or infections? Do you have any pain during urination? Any other symptom you have?

Since the swelling is only on one side, I would recommend you to get an ultrasound of the affected area. Only then we can make a diagnosis of this swelling. The ultrasound will reveal the nature of the lump, its consistency and extent. Also, though very rare, the chance of this lump being cancerous needs to be ruled out.

Both, alcohol and tobacco, contribute to heart burns. You are very young and need to take care. Both, alcohol and tobacco, are medically grouped under addictions now. They have more than one serious ill-effects. They make us their mental slaves. Consider curtailing their use to ultimately stop taking them at all. It may feel difficult initially, but don’t give up. You will feel your life back from inside. You have to fight back against all thoughts of negativity, depression and loneliness. Stick to something true and something you believe in (whatever form of God you believe in) and fight back.

All addictions are merely weaknesses under whom we surrender. Slowly, they make us their prey and victimize us. Once you are out of addictions, you will be out of medications too.

Take Care,

Buddy M.D.

Medical Advice (Q&As) on “Painful Testicular Lump

  1. Blair

    I’ve so far over the past few months been experiencing an uncomftable almost blister like pain in my testi at the tip of it , it is a little lump next to the vain that has almost like a grain of rice sized head on it I’ve been to the doctors 3 times about this but each time the doctor has told me it’s definitely not cancer and to take a ten day course of antibiotics . I’ve taken the antibiotics and still no change . Each time I went to the doctors I felt as if thoe they didn’t feel the lump I could feel .. I’m really freaking out about this and need a bit of advice any help would be great please!

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      Self examine the lump and let us know-
      Is the lump hard, firm or soft? Is it growing in size with time?
      Is it movable or seem fixed over the underlying structures?
      Does it pain when touched?


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