One Testicle Swollen and Tender

Q: My son is 11 years old. His left testicle is slightly swollen and sensitive to touch.
-By Mr. Wilson


It is advisable to visit a doctor for examination at the earliest.

There can be many reasons for such a swelling. They are:

  • Any injury or trauma in the groin area, such as a blow etc.
  • There may be a hydrocele. This is a condition where fluid keeps collecting around the testicle, in the scrotal sac. An inguinal hernia is usually associated. The swollen scrotum is tender to touch. The child otherwise has no complains.
  • Any infective conditions. Some infections like viral fevers may affect the scrotal region. This may cause swelling and pain. Redness of the scrotal sac is often noticeable. The child may need antibiotics in such cases.
  • Allergic cause, mosquito bite etc. Antiallergics are given.

A diagnosis would be possible only after a physical exam.

Take Care,

Buddy M.D.

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