Sickle Cell Trait

Q: I was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia as a child. I’m currently 21 and had my first and only child in 2010. Due to my health, the pregnancy was very difficult and the doctors took many precautions. During her first year, my daughter was tested for sickle cell on every single pediatrician appointment. Her results always came back good; she doesn’t even have the trait. Is this accurate or even possible considering I have the disease and not just the trait? 
-By KeAmbra
The gene for sickle cell anemia is inherited from both the parents. May be your husband does not have this problem. So your daughter also doesn’t have it.
However,  your daughter may still be carrying the trait for this condition. She doesn’t have any symptoms, so she is safe. You have got her tested many times with positive results. But she is still a carrier of the illness. 

Your grand kids are again prone to have this illness. So it is advisable to be careful on this regard.

Take Care,
Buddy M.D. 


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