Joints Getting Arthritic With Increasing Age

Q: I’m 61 years old female. My right ankle bone on the outside is hurting. It started about 4 weeks ago and got better because I had weekend to rest it up with ice on it. I have some arthritis in my hands. I also take Celebrex once a day . I’ve been a hard worker with my hands, house cleaning for years. I am taking care of hopefully last grand kids till my daughter goes back to work. I clean her home, do laundry etc. I am on my feet all the time except when I’m on a rocking chair. I feel fanatic when putting 16 months child to sleep.

My left ankle is OK but started ice pack just recently. It’s not only a swelling below ankle bone but it also has a pocket of fluid inside. On outside it hurts to touch. I have arthritis in the knee of the same leg. I also has fluid all around the knee cap. I’m having pain going up on the back of my right leg in the calf area.

Today I’m seeing swelling in front of foot and feel some throbbing. My feet are real thin. When I bend right foot as far up, to tighten the back of leg, it hurts and feels like it might pop. It may even pop when I go from side to side. Now I don’t have to take care of grand kids till 3rd of February.

Could this be early arthritis? Is rocking chair bad? I am on feet sometimes for 10-13 hours.  I need new tennis shoes. I have a tight one-piece ankle brace support, but took it off yesterday when evening pain was shooting up at back of leg. I feel like right now I have fever in it and its throbbing at ankle. When I look at both legs, my right leg around ankle bone has a pouch of fluid which is very tender. Thank you for your time and please let me know. I do not have an email address.
By: L John


The picture you gave does sound like some kind of arthritis.

What Is Arthritis?

Inflammation of joints is called arthritis. Usually, the soft tissues of the joint capsule are affected first. Later on the bony surfaces which make the joint also get inflamed and start eroding. Inflammatory fluid may also get collected in the joint.

These bony surfaces get eroded constantly, especially when you do any work and move the joint. This causes pain and further worsens the condition.

Slowly, bony spurs erupt in the joint capsule, which limit movements there. 

Arthritis may involve one or more joints. Actually, arthritis is of many kinds like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and so on. Essentially, they are all inflammations of the joints.

It may be genetic sometimes, but not always. Does anyone in your family has similar symptoms?

The Process of Inflammation May Be Triggered by Many Factors Like-

Trauma– Some kind of injury might have occurred in the past, which triggered the process.

Sometimes, when we overwork, minor traumas keep occurring at the joint being used more often. These injuries accumulate to cause enough trigger for condition like osteoarthritis.

Infections– Even remote infection of the past may be relevant enough to trigger arthritis.

Autoimmune diseases usually involve the joints.

Though your condition looks more like osteoarthritis, you need to get investigated. Only after the diagnosis is confirmed, appropriate treatment may be started.

For diagnosis, you need to get examined properly. Also, some blood work would be required. It would be better not to delay.

Meanwhile, taking rest would be mandatory. Ice packs may be used in moderation, not too much. Rocking chairs are not good for you. This is so because you have to use your ankle joint a lot when using them. You may also take some calcium supplement with your diet

Take Care,

Buddy M.D.

Medical Advice (Q&As) on “Arthritis of Joints in Old Age

  1. Niva

    Sir, I have left knee pain. I am unable to stand immediately on left knee. It takes five minutes for left knee after I stand to hold the body weight. Once I start moving things become better. Pain vanishes. My weight is 90 kg. height 5’2?, 47 years. female. I have arthritis. The problem started 15 days back due to winter season approaching. I started taking diacerin 50 mg since last 15 days. Should I take calcium also? I have taken diacerin six months in last winters, from April I had stopped taking diacerin as it was not required. Is any further treatment required?

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      Keep taking diacerin. This should be enough, no other medicine is required.

      Keep yourself, especially your knees well covered. There are blanket available just for the knee. You may use them.

      Your knees get stiff in the morning. As you move them, they become supple.

      After you get up, and still on bed, try moving your knees gently. Bend your legs gradually up and down. This would make your knees supple before you are out of bed.


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