TLC/DLC Blood Test – Normal Range and Causes of Abnormal Report

TLC or total leukocyte count is a blood test that measures the number of white blood cells in the body.  Any deviation from the normal range implies a disease process. Both increased and decreased values suggest some underlying abnormality.

What Is TLC or Total Leukocyte Count?

Leukocytes are white colored blood cells which defend our body against infections and diseases. They may decrease in number in certain disease making the body prone to infections.

Before we go ahead with our discussion, you may wish to check your TLC lab test results below:

TLC Lab Report Checker

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Normal range: 4000 – 11000 cells/ cubic millimeter of blood.

Low WBC count

Decrease in white blood cells count is called leukopenia. It may happen in the conditions like:

  • In patients undergoing Chemotherapy or Radiation therapy.
  • Condition called Aplastic anemia where the bone marrow fails to produce both RBCs and WBCs.
  • Diseases like Influenza, Typhoid, Malaria, Dengue
  • Tuberculosis

High WBC count

Increase in white blood cells count is called leukocytosis. It may happen in conditions such as:

  • It is commonly seen in acutely sick patients. They body produces a lot of WBCs to fight against the infection.
  • It is normally seen in new born babies.
  • Acute stages of most of the Viral, fungal, bacterial or parasitic infections.
  • Any trauma or inflammation.
  • Rheumatic arthritis
  • Acute stage of gout
  • Connective tissue disorders
  • Infections or inflammatory conditions of the urinary bladder
  • Leukemia or blood cancer

Other related health indicators of our body are hemoglobin and RBC counts.

What Is DLC or Differential Leukocyte Count?

This blood test measures the percentage of each type of white blood cell or leukocyte in your blood. There are five types of normal WBCs or white cells that occur in your blood. Their respective normal range in adults is as follows:

Neutrophils or Polymorphs: 40 – 60%
Lymphocytes (B and T cells): 20 – 40%
Monocytes: 2 – 8%
Eosinophils: 1 – 4%
Basophils: 0.5 – 1%
Band or young neutrophils: 0 – 3%

DLC Lab Report Checker

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Neutrophils (Polymorphs)

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Now enter the result of your test report:


Coming to Hemoglobin, this is basically a iron-bound protein molecule present in the blood. It carries oxygen (that we inhale) from the lungs and distributes it to various tissues of the body, as it flow in blood.

Oxygen is required by our tissues for performing their functions.

Also, it carries back carbon-dioxide produced as a by-product in the tissues, back to the lungs (to be exhaled out).

So, the level of Hemoglobin (Hb) would determine how much oxygen our tissues are getting to do their work.

Normal Values of Hb

  • Men: 13.8 to 18.0 g/dL
  • Women: 12.1 to 15.1 g/dL
  • Children: 11 to 16 g/dL

Lower levels are common and indicate that the body cells are not getting enough oxygen to work. With such a lab report, medical intervention is required.

Causes of Low Hb

  • Iron deficiency anemia
  • Bleeding
  • Pregnancy state

RBC or Red Blood Corpuscles

These are red colored cells in the blood which contain the Hb molecules. So, if they are few, there would not be enough Hb, hence insufficient oxygen for the tissues to work.

Normal RBC Values

Male: 4.7 to 6.1 million cells per microliter (cells/mcL)
Female: 4.2 to 5.4 million cells/mcL

Conditions Having Low RBC Count

  • Anemia
  • Pregnancy
  • Bone marrow failure (from radiation, toxins, or tumor)
  • Erythropoietin deficiency (secondary to kidney disease)
  • Hemolysis (RBC destruction) due to transfusion, blood vessel injury, or other cause
  • Hemorrhage (bleeding)
  • Leukemia (Blood cancer)
  • Nutritional deficiencies of: Iron, Folate, Vitamin B-12, Vitamin B-6, Overhydration

Conditions Having High RBC Count

  • Cigarette smoking
  • Heart conditions as: Congenital heart disease, Cor pulmonale
  • Dehydration (such as from severe diarrhea)
  • Kidney tumor (renal cell carcinoma)
  • Low blood oxygen levels (hypoxia)
  • Lung disease called Pulmonary fibrosis
  • Polycythemia vera

Medical Advice (Q&As) on “TLC – Total Leukocyte Count WBC Blood Test – DLC High Vs Low

  1. Simranpreet kaur

    I have pimples on my face and itching on my body and face. Then I went for blood test and it showed an increase in T.L.C

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      Increased TLC indicates the presence of some infection. It may be your infected pimples or something else.

      Do your pimples pain or itch? Are they pus filled?


    In lab report, my TLC count is 3300. Its normal limit is from 4000 to 1100. From two days, I had fever 102-101, severe body pain, specially in back bone. Please suggest me its demerits and medical way to cure it properly.

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      Try putting your TLC value in our lab test checker above and submit it. You’ll get the list of all the probable causes that may lead to low TLC value.

      The reason for having a low TLC in your case may be the use of some antibiotic that you are taking. Certain medicines may lower these values.

      Or it may be due to some viral infection or degenerative condition in your back.

      Let us know any other symptom you have and the medicines you are taking.

      1. Shubham

        My TSH serum is >150 and Ferritin is 38.25 ,T4 serum is 2.50, T3 serum is 0.64 , Anti Thyroglobulin Antibody (Anti-Tg) Serum is >500 ,Anti Theroid peroxidase Antibody is >1300….
        All the test I have done for hair fall….

        What is the problem in my body ????

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      Yes, you may go for it. It would reveal if the cause of her symptoms is some infection in her upper respiratory tract.

  3. Ruchi

    My daughter is 12.5 yrs. She was suffering from fever. We got lot of test done – CBC, ESR, Hubby electrophoresis, iron studies, chest x-ray. I have noticed her TLC count has been increasing 6100 was on 28/10, 7600 was on 1/11 and 8410 on 4/11. What could be the reason?

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      This indicates that she has some infection. That is why she has developed fever and has got a high TLC value.

      She needs to be examined by a doctor and investigated further to know where the infection is.

      Does she have any other symptom apart from fever, like pain in throat, cough, pain in stomach etc.?

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      You are likely to be having some infection in the body.

      Do you have fever? Needs to be investigated. Get yourself checked up.

    2. Mantasha

      I’m 20 years TLC is 11,100..Is this a high said u have it right..plz suggest me..

  4. Prakriti

    My age is 10 yrs (F) and my CBC report test results are as follows:
    TLC – 29.50 thou/mm3
    Neutrophils – 24.78 thou/mm3
    Monocytes – 1.95 thou/mm3
    My Urine report is as follows
    Leucocyte Esterase – Positive
    Pus cells – 6 – 8WBC/HPF

    I just want to know about the above abnormality in the test. Why it happen and what is the effect? What is the treatment for the same?
    Kindly help.

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      Such a lab picture can be seen in cases of urinary tract infections. This needs to be correlated with her symptoms.

      The enzyme leucocyte esterase is secreted by the WBCs. These are the cells which are recruited by our immune system in cases of infection.

      Let us know her symptoms.

  5. Mousumi Borgohain

    I am having fever cold and cough with body ache since 3 days. I got my report and it says the TLC count is 3500. I am scared. Can you please suggest me?

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      Manage your present illness first, it may be a viral illness. Then, you may go for a repeat TLC testing. Your report is very likely to come out normal.

      Certain viral illnesses may show altered TLC picture.

  6. Anu

    My child 6 years old had a fever. Wheezing and stomach pain. Now it is controlled after taking medicines. Whenever the treatment, we have taken blood tests. That shows polymorph s 70% and lymphocytes 25%. Other things are normal. Is there any problem with this? Or any symptoms for serious disease?

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      Nothing serious. Your child has a URI (upper respiratory infection), which can be managed by taking antibiotics.

      For her wheezes, bronchodilators are required. Is she taking them?

  7. Mansoor

    I’m 31 years old. Last 2 days, I feel very low pain in low right abdomen. I checked TLC, report shows 7500. Is it OK? Still I have minor pain. Please reply.

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      The TLC value is within normal range.

      You need to be evaluated further for abdominal pain. May be an U/S is required.

  8. Pankaj Malik

    My mother is diabetic from last 16 yrs.
    Her TLC…16000
    Blood urea…..85
    She is suffering from cough and starting to lose appetite. Her TLC is increasing by 1500 everyday.
    She is presently under medication, being injected with injection ‘magnova(cefepime and tazobactam for injection) 1gm+125mg twice a day.
    Kindly guide.

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      Her TLC indicates the presence of infection in her body.

      Since she is already taking antibiotics, the infection is likely to subside with time.

      It is recommended that she keeps her blood sugar under check. Also, she needs to take adequate quantity of water.

      1. Pankaj Malik

        Now her vitals are
        Blood urea…..105
        Her antibiotic is changed to merotrol-s 1.5g (meropenem and sulbactam for injection) and also she is being given levoflox 500 (levofloxacin infusion).
        Her cough seems to be subsiding but TLC is still increasing.
        Kindly guide.

        1. Buddy M.D. Post author

          Her blood creatinine and urea levels are high, indicating kidney malfunction. This may proceed quick to acute renal failure.

          Your mother needs to be hospitalized. These levels cannot be managed at home.

          Need to make sure that blood sugar levels are alright.

          1. Pankaj Malik

            She is in hospital for last 9 days, all this antibiotics are being administered in hospital.
            Today her vitals are
            Blood urea…126…increased
            Kindly guide.
            Also is it OK to give her so much of antibiotics when kidney is weak?

          2. Buddy M.D. Post author

            There is no other option. The infection needs to be treated.

            Are her blood electrolytes (sodium/ potassium) being measured?

  9. Kavya

    My age is 13 years. I have been suffering from a fever. So we visited the doctor. My TLC was 21500. What is the problem? I have been taking the antibiotics from two days. Now I feel better. Is it cured or not?

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      Your TLC levels indicate that you have some infection in your body. It may get cured if you continue with your antibiotic course.

      However, it’s important to investigate where the infection is.

  10. Amit

    I have been feeling pain on upper left abdomen since 1 yr. Allow more gas omitting from mouth and also infection in my right ear. On medical check up my TLC shows 13900. What does it mean sir?

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      The two problems appear to be separate.

      You may be having some ear/ throat infection, which is giving you the ear pain. Infection states may cause elevation in TLC levels.

      The pain in abdomen may be due to some digestion problem. Any element of acidity/ problem digesting fats?

  11. pankaj malik

    Her potassium and Na levels are satisfactory.
    Today her TLC suddenly jumped to 24500.
    Now doctor is talking about doing bone marrow test.
    Kindly advice what other tests can be done to detect the source of infection.

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      For further comments, we’ll need her full medical history. What infection did she have? Why was she hospitalized?

      Bone marrow biopsy is usually not done at this TLC levels. Was her blood peripheral smear done? Did it show any immature blood cells?

  12. Manisha Mahajan

    My father in law is diabetic since last 25 years and was on dialysis since last 2.5 yrs. We had his hip replacement done after he had a fracture as the doctors advised so. After the surgery he developed blisters on his that very leg which started becoming black after few days. His Tlc also increased and is now 28.5. He was hospitalized twice after the surgery as tlc was high and he was diagnosed with stomach ulcers and then disease called calciphylaxis.
    Now his tlc is not coming down even after medication. The wounds on leg are increasing as the doctors say there is no treatment for this. What should we do to stop the wounds (black wounds on leg) from increasing?

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      The black wounds are likely to be gangrenes. This is a very difficult situation.

      He needs good nursing care. Daily cleaning, sponging and dressing of the wounds. His blood sugar levels need to be strictly controlled, both by diet and medicines.

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      You may be having some infection in your throat, as is evident from your blood counts.

      Breathing problem needs to take care. Sometimes, the airways react to infections by contracting. The lumen of the air pipes becomes narrow and one may get breathing problem.

      Inhalers/ nebulizers are given is such situations to open up the airways.

      You need to see a doctor for this.


    Dear dr.ji mujhe karib 1yr 6month pehle high fiver ho gaya tha jab se aaj tak se neck ki muscle head bhari bhari rehta hai neck ki muckle me soulders me bahut dard hota hai plese solf my ploblom

    WIDAL.Salmonella typi O 1:80
    Salmonella typi H 1:160


    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      This may be inflammtion or swelling of the appendix. This commonly happens when the appendix gets infected.

  14. Amandeep Kaur

    I am having fever daily 99 to 100F. Doctor advised me for cbc but it shows normal result. But still I am having fever. What should I do? My widal report shows 1:80. Doctor said it’s not typhoid.

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      Fever is not always due to an infection. It may be present in other systemic problems too.

      Let us know if you have any other complain, any paoin in stomach, vomiting, pain during urination, or burning while you urinate, headache, or anything else.

  15. Jay

    Recently did a blood test. It shows that I have an infection but not specific. What does this mean? It also show my cholesterol is high, what is the cause of it?

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      Is your TLC value high?

      High cholesterol is a specific finding. You need to lower it down by diet control and exercises. Also, keep a check on your B.P.

  16. Anonymous

    My brother had gone through couple of orthopedic surgeries after a road accident. His TLC continuously increasing after surgery like 16000 then 19000 and 21000. After so many antibiotics his TLC level is decreasing but still it is high i. e. 16000. He is admitted in hospital. He has no symptoms of fever etc. What is the reason?

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      This may indicate some infection in his body. Does he have any symptoms, like fever, pain anywhere in his body etc.? Such symptoms are further indicatives of infections.

  17. santosh

    in few places doctor advise that if TLC is high then chances ais their can be infection in body, can you indicate
    some specific infection ..

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      For that, a complete check is done to investigate the focus of infection.

      The commonest cause for high TLC levels is infection in the body.

  18. rajeev

    Last day my sister was suffering from fever it was almost 103………. Age 32…. in blood test we found her tlc was 14400 neutrophils 86 lymphocytes 10……her rbc count was 3.58 million/cumm p.c.v hematocrit value was 31.5 and platelet count was 111000……doctor suggest medicines will continue for 8 days and tlc will be recheck after 5days….. It is satisfactory….please reply

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      There’s likely to be some infection in her body. What did your doctor diagnose? What are the medications?

  19. Raju

    My CBC reports are very normal. I occasionally have pain in right chest by side of nipple for a second or two. Is it ok

  20. Monu

    Sir/ Mam
    My lab reports are:
    HB – 10.2
    TLC- 18800
    RBC- 5.87
    HCT- 35.8
    NPHC- 28.7
    Eosinophil- 0.7

    and my mensuration cycle is increased From 3 to 7 days. What is the reason…

  21. N.B.Kurup

    I have fever 4days back and consulted a physician and advised to take asithromycin for 6 days.
    Test results on,

    Dengue antibodies-All nrgative
    Is it an infection. Kindly advice.

  22. Sagar Mehar

    My mother lab report .age 55
    HB. 12.4
    TLC 23700
    DLC. P67
    B 00
    Platelet count. 2.32 lac
    PVC. 42.0%
    MCV. 76.7FT
    MCH. 23.6PQ
    My mother suffering With 2 Year lung shrinking disease. Now she has fever 7 to 8 days .medicine Is going On of lung shrinking disease. What treatment should be for fever and increase TLC

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      At the time of blood reports, she is likely to be having some infection in the lungs. Antibiotics are required. Also, it appears her blood is not carrying enough oxygen for quite a long period. It is indicated by seeing her blood cells, which are small and have low Hb in the red cell.

      What medicines is she taking?

  23. Vandana Rani

    I am 20 years old. I suffered from cold allergy near about 10year . It cause by season change, environment or say temperature change as hot or cold, dust, pollution and as such thing. My TLCreport
    Is 5800.
    Neutrophil 70%
    Lymphocyte 26%
    Monocyte 03%
    Eosinophil 01%

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      This, as you understand, is an allergic manifestation. The only way is prevention.

      Whenever you feel in your allergic time, start doing steam inhalation twice daily and warm water gargles along with. This would help in washing off allergens from your nasal passage and oral mucosa on a daily basis.

      Have you tried any medicines for your problem? If yes, let us know what.

  24. rahul

    My Morher age is 45years old . T.L.C is 88000.what is this. how much this is increase in a day . how to decrease it . K plz reply

        1. Buddy M.D. Post author

          TLC levels are very high. This usually indicates that the patient is having some severe infection in the body. This could be some lung infection, stomach or urine infection. Needs to be examined and clinically correlated for diagnosis.

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      You can post your problems here. At the moment, we are in a position of offering such this service. Apologies for the inconvenience.

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      Any other symptom, like cough, pain in stomach, burning while urinating etc.

      You may be carrying some mild infection.

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      The counts are high, suggesting an infection.

      She needs to be examined and put on appropriate antibiotics.

  25. Moin

    Following is the detail of hematology report of my baby girl generated after 2 hours of her birth
    Hemoglobin 14.9 g/dl
    HCT (PCV) 44.7%
    Total RBC 4.25 million/cmm
    MCV 103.9 fl
    MCH 34.9 pg
    MCHC 33.7 g/dl
    TLC 24,000 /cmm
    Neutrophils 75%
    Lymphocytes 20%
    Monocytes 03%
    Eosinophils 02%
    Platelet Count 362,000

    Kindly tell me is everything ok or is there anything to worry about.

  26. Sonia

    Age 33
    Following is my latest report.

    Platelet count 308.0
    Haemoglobin 12.6
    RBC count 4.3
    Total leucocyte count 11.7
    ECR 38.0
    Neutrophils 62.0
    Lymphocytes 28.0
    Monocytes 8.0
    Eosinophils 2.0
    Basophils 0
    Neutrophils absolute count 7.3
    Lymphocytes absolute count 3.3
    Monocytes absolute count 0.9
    Eosinophils absolute count 0.2
    Basophils absolute count 0.0

      1. Sonia

        Bulky ovaries, irregular periods, melasma and hyperpigmentation etc. That’s what known to me. I visited dermatologist for my melasma and she asked me to get a blood test done to see the problem first.

        1. Buddy M.D. Post author

          You need to get your hormonal levels (female hormones- estrogen and progesterone) checked up.

  27. Ashish

    Age 21
    I have cough problem for last 15 days, so I went for check up but everything is ok no problem like TB. I have no other symptoms. Doctor asked for blood test n test report showed that my TLC is 14500 and doctor suggested me for medicine to cure.
    Is there may be any problem with such increased rate of TLC and how can I maintain the normal rate of TLC?

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      TLC is not very high. It may indicate a mild infection, for which, a course of antibiotics may be given.

      However, you need medicines only if you have fever, lethargy, throat pain or redness in side the throat.

      If it’s just cough, it may be infective or else, allergic. For allergic cough, management is entirely different.

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      Your symptoms? Any fever, pain in tummy, loss of appetite, etc.?

      Your doctor may start you on antibiotics against typhoid.

  28. puja negi

    my name is puja and age is
    and i have diagnose with typhoid and my TLC is 9600 and im taking antibiotics last 2 weeks but didnt get any relief..from them..not having so much fever but sometime feels internal weak.. how much time will take to recover…and also following proper by our doctor.

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      What antibiotics are you taking?

      In typhoid, you get sores or ulcers in your intestine, where these bacteria reside. So, diet has a very important role. Your already wounded intestines cannot handle heavy or spicy meals.

      Take a diet as advised. You may take 15 to 20 days to recover.

  29. puja

    ciprofloxacin and novaroxim 250

    and there is need to take fever medicine.
    Earlier i was taking fever medicine for 1 week.
    Now i left because i was not feeling fever.and Dr. advised me left after 1 week fever but i was taking antibiotics given above…now im not feeling relax…little bit weakness

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      That’s all right. You make take time to recover from the infection. Just complete the course of antibiotics, as prescribed by your doctor.

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      High TLC indicates an infection.

      Back ache may be there due to general muscle fatigue. Are you taking any antibiotics for typhoid?

  30. Shibani Das

    My RBC, hemoglobin, neutrophils, lymphocytes, monocytes, eosinocytes are normal but my ANC ,ALC and TLC shows high units than the normal range.

      1. Anonymous

        Thanks for replied on my query. No, I have not the mention symptoms as per your replied I.e cold, headache and fever. If it is allergic reaction then please tell me about the remedies to help in cure it.

        1. Buddy M.D. Post author

          The best way to avoid allergies is washing away the allergens on a daily basis. This can be done by taking steam inhalations twice daily. Or else, a neti pot can be used to wash the nasal passages after coming from outside.

          Gargling the throat with luke warm water would wash the allergens from there.

          The presence of an allergen is necessary to elicit an allergic reaction. If you won’t let an allergen settle down in your system, you’re likely to be symptom free.

          Also, keep your surrounding clean. Take care that all carpets or floor mats, notorious to harbor allergens, are well washed.

  31. alok srivastava

    My mother in law has TLC is very high 22400.Nomal range 4000-11000. What’s problems in body.and all blood test is normal range.

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      She’s likely to be having some infection in her body.

      What are her symptoms, like fever, cough, pain in throat, pain abdomen, urination problems or any thing else?

  32. Chaturvedi ks

    I got operated my L4/5 Laminectomy+Discectomy on 01 Jul 17. I still feel pain on waist and senselessness below both foots. Please advise me what I can do.

  33. Abhinav

    Hello, I am suffering from fever for last 3 days my TLC 5260 but lymphocytes is 13 % and monocytes are 12% what do I make of it.

        1. Buddy M.D. Post author

          This may be a viral fever. Keep your temperature under control by taking over the counter medications for it. If you get any symptoms like pain in neck, dizziness, headache, stomach ache, better get it checked by a doctor.


    Tlc 21350, Hb 14.5, Neutrophil 86, Lymphocytes 11, Eosinophil 3, Monocytres 0, RBC 4.45, HCT 41.3, MCV 92.8, MCH 32.6, MCHC 35.1, PLATLET 607, RCDW 12.2

    Urine normal except Pus Calls 10-15

    Symptoms: urine excretion problems with burning sensation at start and bladder not emptying fully and normally. Started with stomach disorder (loose motions) and then very frequent involuntary excretion.
    On AFIME-O FOR 2 DAYS AND now prescribed Zyfor AS for 7 days.

    Is it severe uti or something else. Please advise

  35. Divya Agarwal

    My Hb is 13.7 gms/dl, TLC is 12000 cu/mm (neutrophils – 74%, Lymphocytes – 21%, Eosinophils – 5%), ESR through Westergren method – 13 mm 1st hr., RBC is 4.76 million /, Platelet count – 3.05 lacs/, PCV – 37.6%, MCV – 79%, MCH – 28.7% & MCHC – 36.4%, Blood Sugar Fasting – 77 mg%., HDL – 48 mg%, LDL – 81 mg%, VLDL – 17 mg% (Total cholesterol – 146 mg%) & Triglycerides – 85 mg%

    What these test report means and what should I do?

      1. Divya Agarwal

        I went for blood test for having General check-up of the body. I donot have any specific problem at present. However, I , sometimes, get rashes while using Jewellary/ specific clothes. I also get blisters on the feet while using shoes etc. I also feel like to sleep whenever I get free time.

        As per my blood report, the TLC(12000) and Neutrophils (74%) are slightly on higher side than normal average values. What should I do to lower these values and bring to normal average values..

  36. Ahmad Farid Eidizada

    Hello Sir,
    My Child is 5 years old and he is having high fever and headache with body pain since two days. We took him to doctor and cbc test done with following results:
    TLC (WBC) = 13200 and Neutrophils =90%

    Doctor prescribed the following medication:
    Ceftriaxone inj. 1g I.V
    Calpol (paracetamol) suspension
    Polybion Forte Syrup (high potency B complex)
    Vitamin A

    Could you please let us know if it is any severe issue and what does these test result means and please advice what should we do further…


    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      Appears to be some acute infection. You doctor has rightly prescribed heavy antibiotics.

      Specific diagnosis requires investigation. Tests for dengue and other viral illnesses may be done.

  37. Ashish Kulkarni

    In case of my wife TLC is 9.20 for ref range of 4-10. Whereas in DLC Lymphocytes is 17.6% for ref range of 20-40%. In absolute Lympocyte count Lymphocytes are 1.62 for ref range of 1.00-3.00. What should we infer, wife has fallen intermittently ill many times since last 4 months.

  38. Mukul

    My son is 11 years old and suffering from cough 11th Dec 17. In CBC report:(haemoglobin :14.88).(TLC:17.9.)(MCHC-30.44)(RDW-14.9).others are normal. In DLC-(segmented neutrophils-38.1)(Lymphocytes-58.8) (monocytes-1.4). others are normal.Absolute count (Lymphocytes-10.5)and others are normal.Dr.said an infection in body.sir it is what type of infection? .Medicines are-(Tab zocef-500mg.)(Tab Rantac 150)(Grilinctus BM).is the treatment is going on right way ???

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      Likely to be a throat infection. What are his symptoms, like, fever, any sputum in cough, breathing problem? Did they do a throat swab?

  39. SAMAR

    My mother is 66 years old,she is a COPD patient two months before she was given IMINEM injections for her increase in TLC(14000),symptoms were cough,fever,lungs congested.Oxygen level was also below 80 but after giving oxygen it used rise to 95.After she was recovered she was discharged from hospital and she was doing well in these two months.Now we tested again her blood and her TLC is 18000,where as there no symptoms of fever or cough.Temperature remains constant in between 98-98.2.Please suggest me and tell what could be the reason for such an increase in her TLC level.Thanks

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      High TLC, in her case, is likely to be an indicator that she has some infection in her breathing tract.

      Her oxygen levels need to be maintained optimally. This is important.

  40. Maansingh solanki

    My friend suffering from pancytopenia ….it Found 15 day ago Dr suggest for chemotherapy each month but still treatment not stared . Because of we consult AIIMS DELHI , NOW Dignolysis is in progress and his hemoglobin 9.2 stable from one month….what must we take decision.

      1. Buddy M.D. Post author

        What is the cause of pancytopenia? Is it some malignancy/ cancer?

        Delhi has expert doctors to deals with the problem. You may trust AIIMS treatment.

  41. Aastha

    My T.L.C 14900
    Polymorphs 85
    Lymphocytes 13
    I feel little difficulty in breathing,having tonsils,and I will be healthy and does this problem is due to this range?



    sir my TLC ..7300
    DLC …POLY…. 53%

    LYMPHO …. 41%
    ESNO…..3 %


    ME ….. NAD

    SP GVY …. 1018



          1. TARUN SINGH

            i have ringworm so i take medicine. sir is it normal

            i checked report to doctor and also did VDRL TEST …


    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      Your test values are, more or less, normal. May indicate that you had some infection in recent past, from which you’re recovering.

      Increase in weight may be due to changed eating habits or lack of activities.

        1. Buddy M.D. Post author

          Normal range for adult male is 1.010 to 1.030. Since your value lies within the range, it can be taken as normal.

  43. Anonymous

    My 7 year old daughter had cold and running nose for few days.showed temperature for 3 days.i gave paracetamol and temperature/fever stopped after 3 days.slight running nose though.again after 2 days at night she had temperature and i gave paracetamol and the next day again no fever.she also had gland swelling and pain around neck at two places.showed a pediatrician.she gave 6 day course of amoxycyllin (augmentin) plus flexon.she says her pain of glands has reduced after 2 days now.also did blood routine which showed TC 14100 and esr 90 …others all within normal range…she underwent a minor surgery for septic arthritis abt 7 months ago….should i be worried?

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      Nothing to worry. Blood cell levels would normalize with time.

      Let her take complete antibiotic course. Some probiotic may be added to her diet for speedy recovery.

  44. Silpi sharma

    Dear sir,My 12 year old daughter silpi is suffering from stomach pain and blood in potty.In TLC blood report(hemoglobin-11.0),(TLC-14,000),And the DLC DETAILS-(NEUTROPHILS-77, LYMPHOCYTES-22, EOSINOPHILS-1, MONOCYTES-00, SODIUM-133.0, POTASSIUM -3.5). Sir Please give me advise for problem and treatment and conditions of problem??

        1. Buddy M.D. Post author

          Let us know if she’s on any antibiotics. This is usually decided after stool culture. She needs to be on appropriate antibiotics, light, easily digestible diet, a probiotic supplement.

          Any fever?

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      Your age? Any nutritional deficiency? Is the hair fall patchy or diffuse? Since when do you have this problem?

      1. Shubham

        Sr my age is 24 yrs….I have this problem since 6 month…I had gd hair with good density….now density is less….what is the reason for hair fall…can it be stopped and is it possible to regrow hair ???
        Plz advise…..

        1. Buddy M.D. Post author

          Let us know exactly from where your hair is depleting. Is the anterior (front )hair line receding backwards, or you’re getting diffuse hair loss? Is it patchy? Any itch or redness over the scalp?

          Most hair falls in your age group are completely reversible. You’ll get your lost hair bark in the next cycle, that is, after around 3 months.

          You need to take enough proteins, iron supplement and vitamin B rich food stuff, as these are the raw materials for good hair making. Avoid being stressed up. Stay relaxed.

          Vitamin B pills, like optineuron, may be started, once every alternate days.

  45. Shubham

    Hiii Gd mrng….
    Some Front hair line has receded..but baldness is coming on centre of the head…itching problem is there..I have dandruff problem also since last 6 TSH serum is >150…..ferritin 38.20
    T4 total serum 2.5
    T3 total serum 0.64
    Anti Thyroid peroxidase Antibody ( Anti TPO ) serum >1300
    Anti thyroglobulin Antibody (Anti-Tg)Serum >500
    What is the main problem ???what should I do ???
    Plz advise me
    Thank you, regards

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      You need to see a dermatologist at the earliest. A physical exam would reveal the exact cause. If it is fungal, anti fungal medications may be started. Otherwise, Minoxidil may be started for a few months to arrest hair fall and promote new growth.

  46. Shubham

    Hii Gd evng Sr
    I have hair fall problem…and dandruff from last six month…
    My TSH level is more than 150 and iron level is low (2.38) …is this the reason for hair fall…
    Is that possible to control TSH by allopathy ( English medicine)…how can I control my TSH

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      Correcting your TSH levels would be imperative to solve the problem. You need to see an endocrinologist, who will prescribe you a pill to be taken daily. This would gradually bring your TSH levels to normal values and solve your problem.

  47. Shubham

    Is it possible to correct TSH level by allopathic treatment….how long we have to take medicine ( is it life time)

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      There are allopathic medicines available to correct TSH levels. They usually work well for most, without any side effects.

      Once started, your doctor may call you after every 3 months initially and then may be yearly to check the performance of the drug and also whether the dose needs to be altered.

      Treatment is usually continuous for 3 to 5 years, after which many patients get treated. In some, however, the drug needs to be taken for a life time.

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      Thyroid problems may result in thinning of hair and skin. One may become sluggish and gain weight. These problems are easily correctable by taking a thyroid pill on a daily basis.

      For ayurvedic therapy, you’ll need to contact ayurved practitioners.

  48. Puvvala ramesh

    Hi sir one year back suffered from fever almost one 20 days at that time widel test shows 1:160 expected typhoid positive … and at that time my tlc 8900, 11000 and 12000 …. after one year rcently i take few more cbc test and results 15500( 62 n, 31L, E 4, M 3) , after one week 11500 ( 62n, 33L, 3 E, 2M) after one month agian goes up 15700 (74 N, 20 L , 3 E, 3 M ) and my rbc always little high around 6.1 , my hemoglobin normal … rest everything normal…. i have no severe symptoms and mild stomach gas pains and tooth infections and made root canal for one tooth two years back … what is the cause … may i get chronic leukemia … suggesion pls

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      You may be carrying the typhoid bug in your gut. Go for a blood/ stool culture to confirm.

      Do let us know the results.

          1. Puvvala ramesh

            Yesterday i visited cancer hospital …they have done cbc , ldh, creatinine test … cbc showing hemoglobin 15, rbc 5. 8, platelets 3.38 and wbc 13800 (75 N, 20 L, 3 M, 2 E) , no abnormal cells , ESR 20 ….. LDH 304, CREATININE 0.8 …. DOCTOR said nothing to worry …its a normal report … is ldh fine … what should i do for decreasing wbc ….

          2. Buddy M.D. Post author

            Just give it time. Eat healthy all this while. Your body would do the correction by itself, as it recovers from previous illnesses.

          1. Buddy M.D. Post author

            It general, the term gastric would refer to a condition of increased acid production in the stomach, leading to pain, inflammation and even ulceration of the stomach lining.

            There may be many causes leading to it, like excess of spices, alcohol, starvation etc. However, a bacteria called H. Pylori, has also been attributed to the causation of the condition.

  49. Puvvala ramesh

    Is obesity and stress causes high wbc count …. i dont know what to do with this high count … i am scaring about leukema … my reports always shows little high wbc and RBC but low MCV …. with chronic leukemia live more than 20 years… sorry to asking again and again … bcz this feeling kills me every day

      1. Puvvala ramesh

        CBC( , LDH, RANDOM BLOOD SUGAR AND CREATININE …… … cbc showing hemoglobin 15, rbc 5. 8, platelets 3.38 and wbc 13800 (75 N, 20 L, 3 M, 2 E) , no abnormal cells , ESR 20 ….. LDH 304, CREATININE 0.8 …….. almost one year i have wbc around 11000 to 15000 …. is it first sign of chronic leukemia … doctor said some people have wbc outside range no specific cause… is it possible ….

        1. Buddy M.D. Post author

          Looks fine. There’s there’s no abnormal cell in your blood. Having WBC count between 11 to 15,000 suggests some inflammatory process going on in your body. Or else, it could be just stress related. As this disturbance fades off, your counts are likely to return back to normal within a few months.

          Adopting any relaxation technique could help.

  50. Prince verma

    Tlc 13400
    Neutrophils 80.3
    Lymphocytes 15
    Monocytes oo
    Platelet 143000
    Mpv 10.1
    Mch 37
    What may the reason of this?
    I have suffering from hyper acidity,

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      Lab reports suggests some kind of inflammatory process going on in your body. Could be due to some infection.

      What is the cause of your Hyper acidity? Have you been tested for H. Pylori?

  51. Dave

    Hello sir, I’m 31 yo Male Indian… working .March 2020 I had ugly dizziness and headache that won’t go away. I visited lots ENT and Brain MRI nothing found I was slightly hypertensive. 95 diastolic 140 systolic that’s where my BP lies mostly. I had lots of stress and anxiety after that. Later I emotional broke down and admitted. I was found low on vit d3 and Calcium was not par too. I was treated with Vit D , necescito and my liver was found grade l fatty. Found hepatitis positive. Later thorough test were done all came nagative including hepatitis. But my AST and ALT were like 150 and 300. I was being treated for that. Then I was found covid positive but without symptoms in Nov. I consulted a better gastro doctor who said change ur diet and lose weight. Coz my LDL,HDL and TRG all were out of levels. I started a strict diet . But meanwhile I felt very weak and low. In January 2021 I had pain in my neck and voice was reducing I was diagnosed with Sulcus Vocalis and muscle tension Dyphonia. I suffered a lot of pain for two months. But with speech therapy and exercise it’s well managed now. But since covid I had lots of trouble with my belly. Lots gas and rumbling sounds before sleep at night it continued for 3 months. I stopped taking milk at night , stopped caffeine. By Fab my Liver enzymes were normal, cholesterol normal. But my lethargy and weakness won’t go away. I felty so badly depressed thorough out this whole streak but I managed it. I lost 7 kg weight after That doc advised me for diet and weight. Now my weight is 76 I’m 181 cm tall. But in March I had pain in my abodmen cramps to top right side then lower right and left. Sometimes at center. I would drink water but urine would come dark pale. I felt weak most of the time. I read at web and feel very anxious. My shoulders aches. Sometimes arm has pain. I feel I’m always slightly warm. I had many CBC throughout and here are the results.
    Mean Platelet volume was 13.6 in 30 Nov 2020
    14.6 on 12th Fab 2021
    14.6 on 9th March 2021
    Rest everything was ok.

    My TLC kept on increasing
    July 2020 8.5k
    Nov 2020 7.47k
    Fab 2021 9.47k
    March 2021 10.47k
    I worked so hard to get my live ok and I managed but I’m still not feeling well. My belly still aches sometimes. My urine test showed mucus of 180 rest everything was ok. My gastro doc said everything is ok. He prescribed me with normacin, vit d tab and sachet. Is there anything wrong with the CBC cause MPV is sitting at 14 6 and TLC are jumping continuously. Basofils, eosinophils, neutraphil all are in level basophil are very low and neautphil are 6.99
    My sugar test are 97 fasting 117 non fasting. Hb1ac 5.5 and Thyroids etc all are normal. CRP was normal too.

    1. Dave

      I lately had trouble with sleeping. I feel chills most of the time. It’s spring and summer approaching but I don’t feel bathing. My appetite is normal but I’m scared of getting more weak so I’m eating more. Because of anxiety. I read about symptoms and lab reports at web and its making everything tougher for me tbh.

      1. Buddy M.D. Post author

        Most of your reports and lab parameters look fine. Just relax and give your body time to recover.

        Take small, light, easily digestible meals on the frequent basis. This would assure that your meals are generating energy for you on a continuous basis. Try some sort of meditation or relaxing technique to soothe yourself. Things are likely to get better with time.

        1. Dave

          I have been in touch with best doctor (AIIMS , Delhi).
          But at times I have zero energy in my hands and legs feels like I’m totally drained. I was kinda emotionally broke down in July but nothing came out doctor told me it was anxiety and over thinking. Though AST and AGT were elevated but by now I have managed those with diet but I’m fearful losing weight further and getting too weak. I’m very disciplined and controlled person but I’m badly disappointed with my body response despite so much of abstinence and control body isn’t doing good. My hands always feel warm when I place them on my thighs. So far my hungry is good though it get affect often with tension in mind.

          1. Buddy M.D. Post author

            Appears to be anxiety. This condition alone may be giving you all those symptoms. You need to calm and control your mind.

            Try meditating techniques. If they fail, medical help may be sought.

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