Is There Any Role of Exercise in Treating Sebaceous Cysts of Scrotum?

Q: I have sebaceous cysts on scrotum. Kindly advise me how to cure it. Is there any exercise available?
-By Bolar


It is common to have such cysts on the scrotum. Exercises do not have any specific role in healing them.

You may read here about managing sebaceous cysts on scrotum.

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Medical Advice (Q&As) on “Is There Any Exercise to Treat Scrotal Sebaceous Cysts?

  1. rohan

    I was having a round pimple like bump hard to touch. I left it for 2 months, but it did not burst. So, I finally pressed it and hard pus came out. I have put dettol on it. Should I get some pills?

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      Not required. This hard pus is likely to be sebum.

      Just keep the area clean and dry. Avoid any friction over it. Wear loose cotton underwear.

      Keep applying antiseptic lotion over it for a week. Alternatively, you may use povidone iodine cream for the purpose.

  2. johny

    Have a cyst for many years now on my scprtum. Big as my small finger nail, white in color and very hard. I used to have another one for years same size and one day it dissappear. I don’t like to see it. Do you think my way of living i.e. alcohol, fast food etc. has to do with it and how can I make it dissappear?

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      Is the cyst painless? Is it or its surroundings red in color?

      From your description, this appears to be a sebaceous cyst. Such cyst go away on their own. You need to take not to squeeze it and protect it from frictional traumas.

      Wearing loose pants would help.

      Eating food stuff that’s oily or greasy does have a role in their occurrence.


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