Why Both Thighs Start Aching After Work?

Q: I am a 25 years old single male. There is a problem in both of my thighs. I have been suffering from this problem for around 7 years. When I do hard work like jumping, playing cricket and running, then my thigh starts to pain. So please sir, I need a solution.
-By: Manoj Kumar


Can you relate any injury of the past with this pain? Sometimes, injuries of the past cause contusions (internal swelling) in muscles. Such injuries take time to get alright. Till then, all that a patient complains is pain in muscles of that area, especially on more than normal activities.

May be you suffered some trauma in the past which caused muscle contusions in your thighs. This may improve with time.

Another possibility is some vascular problem with the arteries of legs. If the blood vessels are pressed or narrow, they may not allow sufficient supply of blood to leg muscles during exercise. This may lead to achy thighs.

Sometimes, deficiency of certain minerals may lead to such pain.

Include food stuff like milk (for calcium) and banana (for potassium) in your diet. You may also consider taking any multi minerals supplement in your diet. This may help.

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Medical Advice (Q&As) on “What Causes Thigh Pain on Both Sides After Exercise?

  1. Umang

    I am a 16 yr old girl. I have my school sports meet in 3 days and I seriously want to win medals in track events. I have been running from past few days and now I have got muscle cramps in my thighs. I want to get rid of this pain. Please suggest me some home remedies to remove these cramps and get rid of this pain. Also, if you could give me some other tips to increase my speed and stamina!

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      Don’t retire yourself too much before the meet. The strategy is to keep your muscles fit and well rested so that they give their best on the day of the meet.

      For now, you need to take rest. The cramps would subside only when the muscles are given adequate rest.

      You may spray some muscle relaxant over the affected area. Tie crepe bandage (or some warm cloth) over it. This would help in removing the cramp early.

      Have your regular intake of milk, fruits and vegetables, for an extra boost in your energy. No glucose or sugary supplement is recommended.


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