What Is Corona Virus?

This one is just another flu virus that has recently been in much discussions. It is very contagious and is spreading through droplet infections among humans.

Where Has It Come From?

The first country to be affected by the virus is China. It’s primary host is not yet clearly known. Some researches had claimed that snakes could be its primary reservoir, however, further studies suggested a mammal to be a more probable reservoir.

Is The Virus Deadly?

This virus is almost 20 times more virulent than any ordinary flu virus. It’s more contagious too.

The course of illness is quicker, and there are more chances that the virus may infect larger parts of the respiratory tract in less time.

Why Are People Dying Of This Viral Illness?

The severity of the illness in infected people has been seen to vary largely. The virus proved fatal in Wuhan, province in China which was first infected.

However, as the virus spread to other parts of the world, number of deaths reported were much less. Again, in countries like Iran, the severity of this viral illness was very high.

So, there’s a large spectrum of illness shown by this viral infection.

What Is The Course Of Illness Of A Patient Infected With COVID-19?

  • Initial symptoms appear after an incubation of less than a week’s time. They include a common flu like picture having cough, sneezes, sometimes fever and fatigue.
  • These symptoms quickly progress to involve the throat and lower respiratory tract, giving you sore throat and increase in severity of cough.
  • Cough continues to be the most painful symptom of the illness.
  • Some patients may recover from this stage. However, in a few, illness proceeds further to involve the lungs. The condition is called Pneumonia, which may be potentially fatal.

What is SARS?

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, SARS, is a condition that can be attained by any virulent flu virus. It is characterized by very quick progression of symptoms from catching an infection to severe respiratory illness.

Symptoms include continuous dry cough with headache. Fever may or may not be there. Patient also suffers from severe difficulty in breathing.

The course of illness is acute and lungs usually get involved in no time, leaving little time for medical intervention. Deaths in patients presenting with SARS are common.

What Common Viruses Have Given The SARS Picture?

The Bird-Flu virus of 2002 was one example. COVID19 in another causative virus giving this picture.

Is Corona Infection Similar To Bird-Flu?

Corona virus shares 80% of its genetic makeup with the old Bird-Flu virus. The course of illness is different. However, there are many similarities, like the end stage Pneumonia and SARS presentation.

Can Corona Infection Be Treated?

Well, there’s no medication to kill the virus in our body. Treatment focuses on supporting the body’s immune system and alleviating symptoms.

What Age Group Is More Vulnerable To This Infection?

People with lower immune status, like older population, children, pregnant women, immuno-compromised individuals and post radiotherapy patients are some of the classes that may be more vulnerable to the infection.

Any Other System Of The Body, Besides Respiratory, That May Get Infected By Corona?

Yes. This virus may infect your gut, giving sever GI symptoms, that may be potentially fatal. However, less of such patients are being diagnosed this time.

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