What Are the Chances of Food Entering Into the Lung Without Any Underlying Illness?

Q: Dear doctor some time during eating, I feel the food moves without my control. So I feel it went into my lungs. Also, I thought my lungs may not respond properly. Everyday I am running 30 minutes without any problem. Is it possible?


Well, such a situation is very unlikely. If any foreign body, be it food, dust or any allergen, enters the wind pipe, a strong cough reflex is elicited

This reflex is very primitive and is retained even during certain illness states. Though it may get reduced in certain disease conditions such as neurological disorders, alcohol or drug overdose, coma, sedation or general anesthesia.  Risk factors include reduced esophageal sphincter tone or gastroesophageal reflux in case if the gag or cough reflux is already diminished.

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  1. Millie

    Dear doctor, whilst eating i chocked on some food and thought i felt a little of it go into my lung. I could breath fine afterwards. I have tried to cough it up but i don’t think this worked. Am i likely to get an infection or illness because of this?


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