HPV as a Causative Agent of Genital Warts and Cervical Cancer

Q: I have to answer this question for my Anatomy class. What are the clinical conditions that cause unusual manifestations of HPV, specifically warts, either in size or number?
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HPV (human papilloma virus ) does not always manifests itself. Many a times, this infection is silent, without any expression.

Commonest expression of HPV is warts. This could be skin warts or genital warts, depending upon the strain of the virus. Cervical carcinoma is another manifestation of this virus.

A common pattern is seen in all lesions produced by this virus. Be it skin warts or genital, some kind of cell dysplasia is observed.

In medical conditions causing reduced immunity of the patient, the virus may produce unusual manifestations. These conditions include:

  • Post chemotherapy or radiotherapy patients
  • Patients on steroid drugs
  • People suffering from AIDS or any other STD
  • Undernourished patients

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