Diagnosing Painless Erosion on Female Genitals

Q: Hi! I have a pimple like ulcer with pus on top. It is below the side of labia. No pain or discharge. Thank you.
– By Mel


A painless ulcer on or near the labia could be a sign of STD. However, there are other causes too.

Common Causes

Herpes Simplex

Herpes is notorious to give painless ulcers in the genital area, in its primary (early) phase. This is a sexually transmitted disease. It is possible that your partner may also have such lesion.

The ulcers of herpes precede by a reddish pimple like lesion. This pimple may have a burning or tingling sensation in it. This gradually ulcerates.


One of the early symptoms of the disease is painless ulcers on the genital area, particularly around the labia. The lesion is called a chancre.

This is also an STD. One may have other symptoms too, like weakness, any gland enlargement in the groin.

Crohn’s Disease

This is basically a digestive disorder affecting the intestines. Ulcers in the genital area may be there. They usually precede the GI symptoms.

Vaginal Acne

A simple vaginal acne may have got infected. In such situations, it usually opens through a mouth to ooze out pus. Topical antibiotics are required to cure it.

Tampon Use

It could be an erosion caused by tampon use. This is pretty common. You may have had a vaginal pimple which got eroded by using a tampon. However, such a lesion is mildly painful.

You need to see a doctor to get the lesion diagnosed. It could be a STD, so diagnosing as early as possible would be better. Most of the sexually transmitted diseases are treatable, especially in their early stages.

The doctor will physically examine your lesion and look for any lymph node enlargement or any other symptom.

A biopsy or pus culture may be required to confirm the diagnosis.

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Medical Advice (Q&As) on “What Causes Painless Vaginal Ulcer?

  1. f.

    I have this pimple-like near my vagina, and it’s been there for quite some time. It is colorless, painless, with no pus and no blood. I am a virgin, so I strongly doubt it is an STD? Is this a simple pimple, infection, cyst or an STD?

  2. lefty

    I’ve had these bump on my genitals for years and I don’t think it’s an STD. Sometime they pop and pus comes out. It’s almost like a white head being popped, don’t know what they are.

  3. May Brown

    Okay, I lost my virginity 3 weeks ago. Two weeks after when I wash my vagina it burns. Now it doesn’t. Now I have noticed bumps on my inside thigh right by my vagina. What could it be? How can I treat it with out going to my doctor?

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      Any itching or redness over the bumps?

      If not, just be patient and wait for some time. The bumps are likely to subside on its own. You may apply calamine lotion over the affected area of the skin.

      If there is any itching or redness, let us know.

  4. Vlo

    I’ve had a white head on outer vaginal lip for 3 weeks,it’s hard and seems to be getting a tad bigger.
    I just ended my period and now have a white creamy discharge and itching and burning. I’m 39 and sexually active.

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      This could be yeast infection. You may start using an anti fungal ointment. Candid-V or Monistat may be used liberally every night, before going to bed.

      Let us know about the response.

      1. Vlo

        Thank you, I greatly appreciate your response. I will try the otc treatment. I have an appointment but it’s 2weeks from now. I have had bv and yeast infections quite often.


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