Survival Prognosis in Patient With Diffuse Injury to Brain Stem

Q: What cases of diffuse brain stem injury have chances to survive?
-By Samyukta


This entirely depends upon the severity of injury and whether recovery from injury is possible or not

The brain stem is a very vital part of the nervous system. Structurally, it is the part which connects the brain and the spinal cord.

It controls most of the basic functions of life including;
  • Respiratory rates and breathing patterns.
  • Heart rate 
  • All reflexes
  • Sleeping patterns
  • Arousal functions
  • Body temperature
If the injury is severe, involving the respiratory control area, the patient has very less chance of survival. He may survive only if he recovers from the injury and the respiratory control gets alright. Such a patient is usually put on the ventilator for some time. Doctors wait to allow recovery from injury, if possible.

However, if there is no recovery, the life support is eventually removed.

What areas of the brain stem are affected during injury is very important. 

You may let us know the details of injury to know the outcomes more precisely.

Take Care,

Buddy M.D.

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