Need to Watch Carefully After Head Trauma to a Child

Q: My ten year old son was pushed down on the blacktop today at school and he smacked his head. He says he smacked it really hard and that his head hurts really bad on that spot only. He says he doesn’t have headache and he shows no signs of concussion. He keeps asking to go to the doctors but I think he’s fine and so did the school nurse. His activities and behaviors are completely normal. There is no bump on his head. Should I be concerned?
-By: Cristy


It is important that you observe him very closely for at least a fortnight.
Such a trauma could have been very dangerous. Our brain is a very delicate organ. Though it is well protected by the bony skull, still it is vulnerable to injuries.

Though everything may look fine from outside, still there are possibilities of mild internal bleedings. Such an injury is enough to cause an impact over delicate vessels of the brain. They may get ruptured.

Any internal bleed may press upon the surrounding structures and give some symptoms. So you just need to observe him closely. If you find any abnormality, take him to the doctor for further evaluation.

Hopefully, all will be well.

Take Care,

Buddy M.D.

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