Why Does Your Body Itch Immediately After Taking a Bath?

The cause is excessive dryness.

Dryness is the stimuli to which your skin sense respond by giving you a feel of extreme itch.

Our skin secretes out a natural oil from its pores on a constant basis. This oil like secretions help to keep it moisturized and supple. However, sometimes when the whether is dry, or when you bathe with warm to hot water, this layer of natural oil covering our skin surface gets washed away, rendering the skin dry.

Dryness is an Irritant

Dryness is a cause of irritation for the skin, as this is not natural nor healthy for it. It stimulates it to give itch by releasing various subcutaneous chemicals.


  • Dry skin looks dull and rough
  • Tiny dry flakes of overlying skin may be seen over it.
  • Skin appears covered with whitish flakes
  • Itchiness
  • Extreme dryness and itch may make you scratch the skin, giving red rashes

Can Skin Itchiness Stay For Long?

Yes. If the skin is left unmoisturized, itchiness stays over it. It may even increase with time. As you scratch it, minor wounds may develop which tend to get infected commonly.


Solution is simple. Combat this dryness.

  • In cold dry winter months, or times when dryness is anticipated, better oil yourself well before a bathe. If not possible, use a body lotion or moisturizer after bathing on a regular basis.
  • Avoid using too warm water for bathing.Let it be just warm enough to suit you.
  • Avoid harsh soaps or gels for your body. Instead, soap containing glycerin or other moisturizing ingredients may be preferred.
  • Use soft sponges or loofah during your bathe.
  • After bathing, do not wipe dry yourself. Instead wrap a towel around you and gently dab dry the body.
  • Avoid staying too long in your bath tub or pool. This increases the exposure of your skin in water, draining out more of natural oil protecting the skin.

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