Itchiness in Pimple of Genital Region

Q: I found a pimple near my groin and it’s itchy. What should I do?


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Itchiness in the Area of the Pimple

Itchiness in the area simply indicates that the area is dry. This could be due to many reasons, like-

  • Too much of washing in the area, probably as an effort to keep the pimple clean, washes away the natural oils of the skin. This renders the skin dry and hence itchy.
  • Winter is a dry season. Further, our heating appliances make the living rooms even more dry.
  • Stress may be a contributing factor in itchy pimples.

Steps to Combat Itchiness

    • Avoid washing the area with soaps or gels. Simple plain water washing is usually adequate.
    • Let the water be lukewarm, not too hot.
    • Moisturize the area after each wash with any glycerin based moisturizer.
    • If you feel your living room is dry, consider using humidifiers along with your heating appliances. This will maintain some level of humidity in the room.

Take Care,

Buddy M.D.

Medical Advice (Q&As) on “Itchy Pimple Near the Groin

  1. Leerah

    I am a 17 year old girl and I have acnes in my vagina and inside my ass, they are not painful but when this acne get a heat or get some sweat they irritate me and I feel like cropping them. I don’t understand what caused them. I just need a treatment for that acne, even if it’s a home made treatment. Please, I need help.

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      To avoid getting pimples, you need to keep the groin area clean and dry.

      Wash the area daily while you bathe. Do not use any soap or gel, just plain water washing is enough. In fact, using a soap may make the skin out there dry, predisposing the area to the formation of pimples.

      After that, dab dry the region with a clean towel. Then wear loose cotton underwear to keep the area well ventilated throughout the day. Trapping of moisture there can predispose you to the formation of pimples.

      For now, you may start applying betnovate (betamethasone) ointment over the pimples, twice daily for a week.


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