Quit Smoking – Great Smoke Out During November 2013

The American Cancer Society observes the Great American smoke out day during November each year.

Millions of Americans join the society and spend a smoke-free day. This encourages them to quit smoking and use of other tobacco related products in near future. Observing this day is a step towards leading to smoke-free, healthier life.

Themes to Be Promoted This Year

  • Kids Learn by Watching You
  • Live Tobacco-Free

Smokers get free patches, gums and coaching to help them quit smoking.

Tobacco, taken or inhaled in any form, remains one of the largest killers in U.S. and other parts of the world. There is a dire need to make people aware of this fact that they are actually inhaling a poison, which is taking them towards death each day.

Health Hazards of Tobacco You Need to Know

  • Smoking tobacco leads to considerable increase in blood pressure and heart rate, just a few minutes after taking it. It is this effect that gives the smokers a ‘kick’ feel. However, this is hazardous for the health of your heart.
  • Tobacco is a carcinogen. Cancers of the oral cavity, neck area and the lung are attributed to it.
  • Smoking influences our brain waves. It is linked with feelings of reward, but this is hazardous in a long term. Chronic smoking can make you psychotic.
  • Smoking induces an oxidative stress over cells. Smokers may have discolored nails and more wrinkled skin. Early aging signs may appear on the skin. This is because collagen production, which is essential for renewing the skin on a daily basis, is greatly reduced.
  • Maternal smoking during pregnancy may lead to low birth weight child. The child may have more chances of getting wheezing or asthma in his early childhood days.
  • Such kids are likely to be obese when they grow up.

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