Fluctuating Blood Pressure

This is a common finding in clinical practice these days. Usually, it is a practice to measure several readings of B.P. in a day and then take the average.

However, this method is not correct and ignores the high as well as low surges of blood pressure. The underlying disease may be left untreated in this method.

What is Blood Pressure?

Our circulatory system consists of blood vessels and the heart. Blood vessels are like pipe lines supplying all the parts of the body. 

Heart works like a pump, pushes blood with force so that it can travel throughout the vessels to reach all parts of the body.

When the heart pumps blood, a certain amount of force or pressure is perceived by the walls of the blood vessels. This pressure can be measured and is called blood pressure.

Blood pressure gives an indication about the working of the heart.

Fluctuating B.P.

It is natural for B.P. to vary up to 10 points. This is so because our heart is influenced by many factors throughout the day. Accordingly, the force with which it pumps blood may vary.

Factors Influencing the Heart

  • Physical exercises
  • Stress, increases B.P.
  • Emotions
  • Kidney problems
  • Sensitivity to certain food stuffs or drinks
  • Side effect of certain medications Deficiency of iron, vitamin B12
  • Some serious infection, the B.P. may rise during moments when the pathogen tries to enter the blood stream. 

Common symptoms are periods of headache or dizziness that get alright after some time. Since the symptoms go away in some time, this problem is often left unchecked.

A fluctuating blood pressure should not be ignored. It requires treatment.

Medical Advice (Q&As) on “Fluctuations in Blood Pressure

  1. Tanvi Singhania

    Hello Doctor, I just want to get to know that My BP always exists between the range 65-105, always low. What can be the reason for this?

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      Do you have any problem, any symptom, like weakness or dizziness?

      If not, you may take these blood pressure readings to be normal for you.

      Blood pressure varies from individual to individual. A person who is thin and short requires much less blood pressure to supply the whole body with blood, than an individual who is tall and plump.

      1. Tanvi

        Hi Doctor,

        First of all thanks for your prompt reply.
        Yes, I have all these symptoms like weakness, tiredness, dizziness, continuously headache, backache, pain in whole body.

        1. Buddy M.D. Post author

          It’s not your blood pressure that’s troubling you. You are likely to be having some constitutional problem, may be some infection.

          Any cough, fever, or menstrual problem?


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