Ways to Lower Your BP Naturally

Q: Dear Doctor, I am a diabetic and high BP person. Till recent past, my heart beat was 84 per minutes while BP was 130 /90. Then I started drinking 5 to 6 liters of water per day. With that, my heart beat has come down to 68-72 per minutes. Sugar became normal on reduced dose of Glycinorm. BP is not yet reduced but stays in 120-130 / 80-90 range. Can I continue taking my water this way?


There is no problem in taking water. Water is a detoxifier and good for your body system. It has no side effects.

Your blood sugar seems to be in control. You need to keep your BP under control too. Since your BP is not very high, try controlling it first with diet and lifestyle management.

Managing High Blood Pressure by Diet and Lifestyle

  • Taking morning and evening walks on a regular basis has been found to be beneficial for BP control.
  • Stay relaxed. If you have a tendency to get tense, opt for relaxation techniques like deep breathing or yoga.
  • Lower your salt intake.
  • Increase your potassium intake. Potassium is present in its natural form in bananas, citrus fruits, tomatoes and raisins.
  • Eat healthy, less of fried stuff, more of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Take less of tea or coffee. They tend to increase blood pressure.
  • Restrict on smoking and alcohol.

Take Care,

Buddy M.D.

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