Food Seems to Get Stuck in Throat and Cystic Swelling on Neck

Q: I have a cyst on the skin outside of my throat. On the inside, it feels like I have a grape stuck.


Do you have any other symptom, like fever, loss of energy, difficulty in swallowing food etc.?

It is difficult to say what this swelling is without actual examination. A cystic swelling on skin of the neck (front area) could be a simple sebaceous cyst. It could otherwise be a manifestation of some underlying disease, like thyroid problem. It may be a result of some injury to muscles of the neck area.

It may even be some problem of the food pipe (esophagus).

You may read about some causes that  may give rise to a feeling of food stuck in the throat.

There are more than one possibilities. I would suggest you to get evaluated further. You can read here about diagnosing a cystic swelling.

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Medical Advice (Q&As) on “Feels Like Food Stuck in the Throat

  1. Mehwish

    I have a cyst in my right tonsil, seems like some food is stuck in throat. Why does it grow again and again? Any cure? I’m from Pakistan.

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      Some source of chronic inflammation or irritation is likely to be there in your throat. Do you smoke or take alcoholic beverages?

      1. Shahid ul Islam khan

        I have a cyst like thing on my throat (inside) and On the same side I feel pain while swallowing food saliva or any other thing. And I m a smoker. Can u tell me what is it?

        1. Buddy M.D. Post author

          Have you been to an ENT? Was biopsy taken?

          If you are a chronic smoker, this could be a blister, that occurred due to smoking.

  2. Sanjay

    I have had a lump feeling in the left side of my throat for 9 months now. It makes a clicking noise while dry swallowing.
    Symptoms: 1. Random stinging ear pain lasts for 10 secs or so.
    2. Lymph node under left jaw a bit swollen.
    3. White ulcer like growth on the back of my throat.
    4. Dry feeling at the base of my tongue.
    5. Occasional cough.
    6. Occasional left jaw pain.

    Help please, I’m so worried.

  3. Paula Davis

    I had a Thyroglossal duct cyst in the size of 7 cm removed in May of 2020, My ENT the Thyroglossal duct cyst with removal of my hyoid bone, I kept going back to him after my surgery for 20 months telling him that it feels like something is stuck in my throat when I sallow, I get choked on food and water, He done an nasal endoscopy several times and just kept telling me that the surgical site is healing well, But he just said it takes time to heal from this kind of surgery. I again continued to go back and see him to let him know that things weren’t getting better and that in the past 6-8 months that I have lost 19 pds. He finally did another nasal endoscopy on Jan. 3, 2022, and informed me and my husband that i have a 4cm cyst in my throat that has been causing all my problems, he wanted to do surgery the next day but couldn’t get it scheduled until Feb.1,2022. He informed myself and my husband that he saw it there late spring early summer but it was only 1cm at that time and that he didn’t feel the need to inform us or to watch it to see if it grew larger or not. I was quite upset that he didn’t feel the need to inform us when he found it, Now i have to have surgery again, I asked him what caused this since i just had surgery 20 months ago? he said that he could of missed part of the last cyst. If i try to find another ENT at this time i would have to wait 4-6 months to get in, so now i have to go with him to get this taken care of. We don’t know what to do or think at this time. He is doing a Laryngoscopy w/biopsy with tongue excision. Can you PLEASE give me your thought on this,


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