Small Lump in the Neck That Hurts

Q: I am 17 years old girl. I have cysts in my throat. They are 3 mm in size. They constantly get swollen and hurt really bad.


Do you have any fever, body ache or any other symptom?

There can be many causes for a painful cystic swelling in the throat. In your age group, the commonest possibility is that of some infective process.

Possible Infective Processes:

  • Enlarged lymph nodes, secondary to some infection
  • Swollen salivary gland (parotid gland)
  • Infected sebaceous cyst
  • Lumps in muscle of the neck — Found in the front of the neck. These may be caused due to injury to the neck muscles.

You need to see a doctor for further evaluation. You can read here about investigating a throat cyst.

If it is some infection, you may need to take some antibiotics for the underlying infective pathology. The neck swelling will slowly subside.

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Buddy M.D.

Medical Advice (Q&As) on “Causes of Painful Cystic Swelling in the Throat

  1. Nupur

    Hello, I’m much worried for my mother in law.
    She is 47 years old and for some days she is feeling pain in her throat. After investigations, it shows like the cyst. First she had one cyst, after some days she got second also at opposite side.
    What is the matter? What is the cause behind these cyst? Please help me.

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      The cyst needs to be investigated to know its cause. This may be some infective pathology or some thyroid nodule.

      It may even be malignancy. You need to go ahead with follow ups. Read above about various causes of throat cyst.

      What are her symptoms? Describe in detail.

  2. Anonymous

    I have a cyst in my throat I have had radiotherapy a year ago have had a throat scan and now I have a cysts I suffer a lot with indigestion

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      Why did you have radiotherapy? Is the cyst painful, movable, how big, difficulty in swallowing?


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