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Atenolol Versus Propanolol

Atenolol Vs. Propranolol Q: I take propranolol. My doctor switched it few months ago from atenolol. I still have some atenolol left. I forgot to get my propranolol filled. Is it OK to take atenolol till I get my propranolol filled tomorrow? Reply: Though, both these medicines are basically beta blockers and have more or […]

Side Effects of Cetrizine

Side Effects of Levocetrizine Q: I am 26 years old male. I was suffering with fever, running nose and weakness a few days back. I have sinusitis since a long time and cough throughout the year. Then I took levocetrizine 5 mg, three pills in two days. I ended up with dizziness, heaviness in head […]