Atenolol Vs. Propranolol

Q: I take propranolol. My doctor switched it few months ago from atenolol. I still have some atenolol left. I forgot to get my propranolol filled. Is it OK to take atenolol till I get my propranolol filled tomorrow?


Though, both these medicines are basically beta blockers and have more or less similar actions, there are minor differences in their working. 

You may take atenolol for some time. It would work as a replacement for propanolol.

It is important to know for what disease are you taking these pills. 

Atenolol works better than propanolol in patients of hypertension. It does not crosses the blood brain barrier and so no CNS side effects are produced, like dizziness, insomnia etc.

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Buddy M.D.

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