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Mature Teratoma in the Right Adnexa

Right Ovarian Mature Teratoma Q: My Wife’s age is 33 years and she had got an abdominal pain. She had a CAT X RAY and an UltraSound – Below is doctor’s report – what do you suggest us- Liver is normal in size, shape and echotexture. No focal mass lesion seen. No IHBR dilatation seen. […]

Bulky Uterus With Cysts in Ovary

Ovarian Cysts With Bulky Uterus Q: I have had some abdominal pain and fever during last menstrual period (11/07/13 to16/07/13). I am 35 years old. The clinical findings are as follows: 1. Bulky uterus. 2. Enlarged right ovary with tiny cysts inside, 5.42 cm/3.27cm 3. Left adnexal cystic SOL with low level internal echoes, 4.94cm/ […]

Colonoscopic Perforation

Rupture of Colon During Colonoscopy Q: Please help me. My mom had a colon perforation during a colonoscopy on 6-21-2013. Immediate surgery was done to fix perforation. Doctors realized she was getting an infection due to classic symptoms, including red streaks going from both sides of her incision across her stomach and down to waist. […]