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Q: My fasting sugar is 80 to 100. But after meals within one hour it reaches 220. After 2 hours it come down to 150. Normally the postprandial sugar level are measured after 2 hrs of meals. But in my case at what time should I measure my postprandial sugar?

If the sugar rises maximum with in an hour, is it danger to health? Is there any special treatment required? Now I am taking Glycinorm M80 (Gliclazide and Metformin Hydrochloride) 1/2 tablet in morning and 1/2 tablet in evening.
-By Anonymous


This is normal. Your fasting sugar levels are alright.

After taking a meal, the food is digested and this causes an immediate increase in the blood sugar. With most people, the levels are high during the first 1 hour of food intake and becomes lower within the next hour. Your doctor is aware of it and takes this into consideration while checking the postprandial value.

Is This Glucose Surge Bad?

It is good that you are conscious about this glucose surge. Yes, such surges are bad, and the  reason behind them is the type of food we are taking these days.

Ideally, a person should consume only whole food and, no refined stuff, like, whole wheat, brown rice, whole dals, vegetables and raw fruits. Such a food is rich is dietary fibers. After entering the blood stream, glucose is released from them in a slow and constant basis over a period of several hours.

On the other hand, refined food stuff like, white rice, white sugar, less of fruits and vegetables and all junk food lack dietary fibers. They enter the blood stream and immediately release a lot of glucose into it. A surge is hence produced which is managed by insulin on an urgent basis. Also, the glucose reserve gets depleted in lesser time, making you feel hungry again.

Let your body face lesser of such surges.

  • Eat whole foods, vegetables and raw fruits as much as possible.
  • Also, avoid all junks like biscuits, burgers, breads, chips etc. Restrict to refined food stuff as far as possible like white rice, white sugar etc.
  • Drink plenty of plain water. Avoid sugared and carbonated drinks.
  • Limit tea, coffee or alcohol.

Hb A1c Is a Better Indicator to Be Measured in Diabetes

Measuring fasting or PP blood sugar levels don’t fully convey the status of diabetes in your body. The better indicator is Hb A1c.

Read more on why Hb A1c is a better indicator and how and when should it be measured.

Take Care,

Buddy M.D.

Medical Advice (Q&As) on “Blood Sugar Measurements in Diabetics

  1. John

    Dear Doctor, since 2010 I have suffered diabetes and taken one tablet Glycinorms M40 per day. Now, I am controlling my diabetes without medicine because my HBA1C result at 3 month interval 4.7, 5.7 and 5.1 respectively. So doctor advice to me to take a trail without medicine. Last 2.5 month I did not take the medicine. Mean time, I have checked my glucose level by my home monitoring machine and found my fasting reading is 80-100 and PPS is around 130 -200. Do I need to take tablet?
    How frequent I need to check my fasting and PPS glucose level? In case of HBA1C, at what range accepted without medicine? Pl advice doctor.

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      Don’t take the medication unless your doctor asks you to or unless you get high blood levels of glucose.

      You may check you blood sugar every week. Both fasting and PPS need to be checked. Any high value should be reported to your doctor.

      It would be advisable if you make a chart for your blood glucose levels, showing the levels for each day in a tabular form. You may take it to your doctor on the next visit.

      HbA1c is a very specific test for diabetes. It is more reliable. Read here about measuring HbA1c and its reference values.

  2. John

    Dear Sir, Last year I found out mild changes of fatty liver. Then I have done lots of exercise and for follow up this year I have again done Ultra sound scan, not found fatty liver but found gallbladder stone 4.2 mm
    Is fatty liver reversible? Does it required any specific treatment?
    How I can flush out the gallstone?

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      Fatty changes in the liver are reversible in early stages. Read about fatty liver and its management in detail.

      Fatty livers are commonly found in diabetics. There is a link between the two conditions. As you managed your diabetic state, it is possible you helped you liver reversing back the fatty changes.

      Gall stones are commonly treated surgically. Surgery usually involves removing the whole gall bladder and its duct with stones inside it.

      However, conservative surgeries are done where the stones are broken down by strong radiations (lithotripsy).

      Medical treatments are not popular. Though, drugs are available, which may dissolve the gall stone.

      These pills are called oral bile acid pills. They include ursodiol and chenodiol. You may talk to your doctor about trying them.

  3. Gpt

    The fasting sugar level is high around 140 pp (2hrs after breakfast) sugar is 100. I am taking following medicines; HBA1A is 8.2
    Glimer (Glimeride) 1 mg OD in the morning
    Fasting sugar level is due to excretion of glycogen from liver. PP is due to food taken in breakfast. My weight is 65 kg. and height is 175 cm. Whether Metmorphin 500 mg at bed time is required or not. Or should I increase the glimer dose. I am on diabetic diet.

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      Hb A1c levels are quite high. This is indicative of uncontrolled blood sugar.

      The aim is to bring Hb A1c within normal range.

      You definitely require to take more medication. However, we cannot prescribe you from this platform. You need to talk about this to your physician, who has been examining you.

  4. ntt

    I am taking following medicines since last two years-
    metformin tablets 850 mg – BD
    Vildagliptin tablets 50 mg – OD before breakfast
    arbitel-20 mg OD
    rosuvastatin calcium tablets 10 mg – OD

    present test results are given below:
    sugar fasting – 105
    sugar PP – 135
    HbA1c 6.1
    blood pressure – normal
    total Cholesterol – 88
    HDL – 24

    Are these medicines OK or do they have side effects. Should I continue rouvastatin or reduce from 10 to 5 mg.

    Is Vildagliptin 50 mg OK or should I change this medicine. If so, which medicine to start.
    Metformin 850 (twice daily) is it required to be stopped or continue.
    Will these medicines have bad effect on liver.
    Should I start pantocid for gas or not. Please advice in details. Thanks.

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      The goal is to keep HbA1c levels between 4.3-5.6. Till you achieve this level, you may continue with the medication.

      Once achieved, you may talk to your doctor about tapering your medications.

      Metformin may give gastric troubles. If you have any, pantocid may be started.

  5. Ndal

    Sir, is cinnamon useful in reducing blood sugar. I am taking medicines for controlling blood sugar. Is it advisable to take cinnamon and if so how much? Thanks.

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      Cinnamon is proven to be useful in diabetes. You may use it.

      You need to see an ayurvedic practitioner or a herbalist to know the dose and how to take it.

  6. Prabhu

    Dear Sir, Since 2010 I have taken medicine for Type 2 diabetic. Since last April-2013, I have stopped the medicine and doing good exercise. Now my HBA1C is 5.9, My fasting glucose level is 80, but PPBS is 180. If I take medicine gets lowering my fasting sugar. Please advice whether I want to take medicine or not. Is it related to any other hormone problem? Which doctor I want to consult more?

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      The goal is to keep your HbA1c levels within the normal range. If you can do this by diet and exercises, that’s the best. No medicines would be required.

      Just keep monitoring your HbA1c levels at regular intervals.

      An endocrinologist is the best person to deal with diabetes.