Brown Rice Versus White Rice

Q: I am a South Indian having a habit of eating rice for all 3 meals. I am 40 years old male working in office. Every day I do 30 minutes exercise and 1 hour yoga. My fasting sugar is 100 and postprandial sugar is 200. My question is how much rice in grams should I take at every meal?


Rice, as such, is not bad. Actually, it is the form of rice we take that is causing the trouble.

Commercially available rice is white in color. This is produced by refining the natural form of rice (which is brown in color). The outer layers of rice are removed in the process. This makes the rice fiberless, devoid of essential vitamins (especially vitamin B) and less nutritious.

When we eat white rice, it causes an immediate surge of sugar in the body. This is bad. Ideally, a balanced fiber rich food should be such that it releases sugar slowly in the body.  This is particularly beneficial in diabetics.

If you can shift to brown rice instead of white, there is no problem. You can have as much rice as you want.

But if it is white rice that you are taking, be cautious. Treat it as free sugar.

Take Care,

Buddy M.D.

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