Perianal Abscess

Having a boil or a painful bump around the anal opening? This may be a perianal abscess.

Abscess is a localized collection of pus any where in the body. It commonly occurs near or around the anal opening, since this area is exposed to a lot of bugs. Abscess in this location is called a perianal abscess.


  • Throbbing pain down there
  • A painful bump near your anus
  • The surrounding area may be red and swollen
  • Pus or blood may ooze out from the lesion
  • Discharge from or near the anal opening
  • Stained underwear
  • Fever, chills
  • Loss of energy


There can be many types of lesions that give rise to abscess near your anal opening.

Blocked Anal Glands

Blocked anal glands are, by far, the commonest cause. The opening is surrounded by plenty of tiny glands that serve to keep the anal canal lubricated. If any of these tiny glands gets blocked, its secretions keep collecting inside it, giving rise to a bump.

Since this area is exposed to plenty of germs, it’s quite likely that this blocked gland, that has food for germ to consume inside it, gets infected by a bacteria. After being infected, an abscess is gradually formed.

Anal Fissure or Fistula

Sometimes, tiny cracks may develop in the lower portion of our anal canal. These are called anal fissures.

Fissures are continuously exposed to fecal mater and may get infected to form abscess.

Who gets them?

  • This happens when we are chronically constipated
  • Have some inflammatory bowel disease affecting the lower bowels.
  • Also common in diabetics
  • Patients suffering from STDs, pelvic inflammatory diseases or HIV
  • People with reduced immunity or those on long term steroid therapy are also prone to developing such problems.
  • Those engaging in anal sex without condoms

Anal Fistula

When an abscess, developed on an infected anal fissure connects to the outside skin via a tiny tunnel, it’s called a fistula.

So, a fistula is nothing but an abscess inside the anal canal draining outside via a tunnel. It presents with continuous anal discharge, composed of infected fluid.


An infected hair follicle near the anal opening may form an abscess. This is called a boil or  furuncle.


Whatever be the cause, the immediate treatment of all such abscess is surgical drainage.

Do not try to drain such abscess at home. They require extreme a sepsis during drainage. Also, since drainage is quite painful, you may need local or, sometimes, general anesthesia for drainage.

Home Care

  • You may take Sitz bath two to three times a day. This would soften the abscess and help in spontaneous drainage. It also relives pain and relaxes the muscles of the pelvic floor.
  • The bath should be done observing all aseptic precautions.
  • Over the counter pain medications may be taken to alleviate pain.
  • Plan to visit a surgeon and get your abscess drained out at the earliest.
  • Wear a diaper or put a medicated pad to absorb drainage from the abscess, till it gets drained. This would prevent chances of further infections over the surrounding area.

Medical Advice (Q&As) on “Abscess Near The Anus

  1. Shahid

    hello I am Shahid 26 years old I am facing some problem from two months I have one little hard pimple inside skin near my anus it is painless it change shape some time very small,today I found blood on tissue paper whole place become wet,some time discharge yellow liquid from same place and one more thing there is a mass on opening place of anus I have concerned about this

          1. Shahid

            Today I went to general surgeon after physical examination he told me I have anal fisure,hermaroids and anal fistula,so he told me I have to go for operation I don’t know how this fistula came,she’ll I go to any other surgeon or she’ll I go for operation

  2. skippy

    I have just recently discovered a discharge from the anus. It is yellow in color and has a terrible odor. After I have a bowel movement it is several hours before this discharge happens. I may have to urinate and when wiping notice the yellow discharge on the toilet paper. After a few urinations, there is no more discharge.

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      This is likely to be anal leakage. Your age? Since when do you have this problem, and how did it start? Any underlying medical condition you’re suffering from? Any digestion problem?

  3. Stanley White

    I have the same yellowish/golden liquid leakage. It smells acidic. I have Parkinson’s Syndrome. My Carbidopa/Levadopa meds were increased to 25/250 (which is a very strong dose) around the same time as the leakage began. The leakage has been consistent for 7 months. I feel liquid in my rectum moving when I go from a horizontal to vertical position. Maybe, 3-5ml at a time. The liquid is noticeable on toilet paper when pressed against anus. What liquids have this color/smell that might accumulate in the rectum? My doc says it’s lack of smooth muscle control, fluids, and hemorrhoids.

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      Appears to be normal lower gut secretions. As your doctor says, the chief reason being inadequate smooth muscle control.

  4. SSN Raju

    I am experiancing pure blood drops sometimes immediately after stools and after half an hour to one hour of stools and sometimes half an hour to one hour after taking bath. Rarely itching at anus

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      Need to go to a surgeon for physical examination. Since these are fresh blood drops, there may be some visible lesion dawn there. Possibility of some hemorrhoids or fissures.


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