Can Occasional Intake Of Marijuana Lead To Addiction?

Q: Hi doctor, I am 29 years old male. I was addicted to marijuana. I also drank alcohol occasionally. Few months ago, I became psychologically disturbed. I started to think that most of the people surrounding me are my enemy. I was fearing my friends. I was thinking that I have got a divine power. In this situation, my family sent me to a rehabilitation center. After two months, I felt better but my SGPT became high-112. Now it is in normal range. I don’t want to take drugs regularly again. But if I occasionally smoke marijuana or drink alcohol, what problem might happen to me? Will I be mentally disturbed again or my liver will get damaged? Please reply. Thank you.
-By Munna


As you already understand, both marijuana and alcohol have addictive properties.

It is advisable to abstain from them completely. Don’t take them even once again. Leave them completely.

There is no doubt that if you take them even once again, these substances are capable of taking you to the rehabilitation center again. Also, your liver will get damaged.

Instead, consider indulging in positive activities. Involve yourself in positive stuffs to the extent that you don’t feel like going back to your dark life with marijuana.

Take Care,

Buddy M.D.

Medical Advice (Q&As) on “Weaning Off Addiction to Marijuana

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      Indeed they may be a life risk for you-

      (a) Immediately-

      1. If you take them in a large quantity
      2. If you are allergic to them
      3. If there is a drug interaction with another medicine or substance
      4. If there is some unexplained reaction

      (b) Long term-

      1. Organ damage such as liver, brain
      2. Diseases resulting from such multiorgan damage
  1. matt p

    Hi, my name is Matt. I had been using marijuana daily for 7 months. However, recently, I have stopped. I have 32 days today clean. I took a urine screen 7 days ago and tested positive for marijuana (THC). I have been given 30 days to get a clean urine. I have another screen in 4 days which will give me 36 days clean. It has been difficult to stop using pot. I used 2 joints daily to help relieve stress, and it worked. However, now I cannot have it in my urine, so I’ve stopped. I have 32 days clean from any use period. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to have went through this daily struggle to get clean and still be testing positive. Like I said I have another test in 4 days. Is it likely I will still test positive? Is there any test I can have done to show when my last use was? This is very frustrating because everyone I know is saying you should definitely be clean 30 days after use. I ABSOLUTELY have not used and I am still testing positive. What can I do?


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