Postop Care After Deviated Nasal Septum Surgery

Q: I had DNS problem and was advised to have surgery. I underwent the surgery in December 2010. Till today, I have never felt even a slight improvement in the right nostril which was narrow before the surgery. Since I keep breathing through the mouth, I have started getting itchy sensation near the right side of the throat. Kindly advise what can be done to improve this condition. I have lost faith in meeting with an ENT doctor again; hearing the same story repeatedly.
-By Deepak


Did you use nasal splints after the surgery? It is important to use two plastic nasal splints after the surgery. These splints aid in breathing. They also keep the nasal septum straight till it gets healed.

For sometime after surgery, the two nostrils need to be irrigated (nasal flush) at regular intervals by the doctor. This is to prevent any clogging of the nostrils with post-op materials or crust. Also, the sinuses are to be kept cleaned to assure proper breathing. Nasal sprays are used for a few days after surgery for this.

Nasal splints are removed 7 to 10 days after the surgery. Early removal may affect the final result.

You should not be having any obstructed nostril after surgery. What went wrong can only be said after careful examination.

It is possible that your septum has got stuck to one side, may be due to early splint removal. May be you can go to see the doctor who conducted this surgery and discuss your problem with him.

He needs to examine you properly to detect the problem. May be few decongestants and nasal sprays could somewhat reduce the problem.

One of the rare reasons of recurrence of the problem is nasal metaplasia.

Meanwhile, saline sprays for nose can be used. Try using a humidifier at night to mystify the air you breathe. This would help.

Take Care,

Buddy M.D.

Medical Advice (Q&As) on “Recurrence of Nasal Obstruction After DNS Septoplasty

  1. azhar

    my age is 28 years. i operate my DNS in december 2017 due to nose issue (nose close both side, specially at night)
    now after 8 months i again feel my nose is not clearly open for take breath. if i use xynosine drops. then my nose totally open for 6-8 hrs. so please tell me whats issue now.. how i can resolve this. waiting for your prompt responce.

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      Xynosine may not be u-ed for a long term. It may give you side effects, like damaging the inner lining of the nasal mucosa.

      You may use it intermittently, and otherwise try opening the noes with the help of steam inhalations or saline noes drops only.

      Why you still have a problem needs a physical check up by an ENT.

      Do update us after you see an ENT.


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