Old Scar Tissue Starts Hurting

Q: Twenty years ago, I had a bump in my right thigh. After discharging the liquid, it cleared out. But it left a scar of about 0.5 cm radius. Now I have pain over there. I have high blood pressure. Is there any relation between the scar and high BP? If so how can I diagnose it?


May be your scar has got infected. That could be the reason it is hurting.

Such an infection could have happened by some scratching, or a pulled hair or wearing any irritable garment. Whatever be the reason, the scar may have got disturbed and infected.

Sometimes scar tissue puts pressure on underlying nerves, and that may also cause pain.

There is no proven link between high blood pressure and pain in scars. However, many of the patients with high blood pressure have high blood sugar levels too.

It is recommended that you get your blood sugar levels checked up. That could have an indirect link with your lesion.

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  1. Ashley

    I had a cyst remove she under my beck when I was 15 I’m 23 now an a part of my scar is hurting like I feel a cramp like pa what could it possibly be? An why?


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