How to Lower Down Temperature Immediately?

A little fever is good to the body to act against the infective germ. However, if the fever shoots up high and for a long time, your brain starts getting fried up.

You may even have some headache, pain in the eyes and some uneasy feeling due to fever. In such cases, you need to lower down fever.

Situations Where You Need To Lower Down temperature

  • High fever, more than 100 degree Fahrenheit
  • Prolonged fever, lasting for 10 hours or more
  • Having headache or eye pain due to fever

Deleterious Effects of Fever

High fever may cause fits or seizures. This is more common in kids. Adult brain is comparatively resistant to high fevers. These are called febrile seizures. They are mostly harmless.

They may present as jerky hand movements, leg movements or head nodding. Sometimes, the whole body trembles.

If sustained for long, it may damage localized areas of the brain for ever.

Steps to Reduce Temperature

Antipyretics are available in the market. They can be bought over the counter and are a must to be kept at home. Calculate the appropriate dosage according to age and weight.

If the patient is a child, it is better to buy the pediatric version of the medicine or to adjust the dose according to the weight and age.

Commonly available antipyretics contain acetaminophen as their salt. Many brands are available, like tynelol etc. Some aspirins and NSAIDs are also used for fever reduction. They include ibuprofen and naproxen.

Cold Compress Technique

For quick and immediate reduction in temperature, soak a cotton towel in cool water. Twist to remove excess water and apply the towel over the patient’s forehead.

You may then put in over the eyes, when closed.

Remove the towel after a minute. Soak it again in cool water and twist, to be applied again on the forehead.

Similarly, do cold compress from the peripheries, that is, hands and foot till the ankles.

You may also use it over the back and groin region.

Cold compress, when done continuously from all over the body may lower down 2 to 3 degree of core body temperature in 20 to 30 minutes.

Keep the room temperature low. You may switch on the fan or open windows to let the room temperature be low.

Heat travels from high temperature surfaces to low temperature surfaces. If you keep the room temperature low, it will get dissipated from your body into the surrounding air, helping to lower down temperature.

Keep drinking lots of water. Fevers are dehydrating. You need to have adequate amount of water to rehydrate yourself.

Further Management

This includes investigating and treating the cause of fever. Fever is a symptom, caused due to some inflammation in the body.

It may be some infection, injury or other cause.

Medical Advice (Q&As) on “Managing Fever at Home

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      She’s likely to be trembling at night. Does she have any fever?

      Clad her properly while she sleeps. May be she feels cold during the night.

      1. Nupra

        Sir, thanks.
        She does not have fever. She may be she is feeling cold and trembling as she is not covered.

        She has lice in hair. Does it has any effect on teeth making noise?

        1. Buddy M.D. Post author

          It’s unlikely for the lice to cause this affect.

          However, lice is an ectoparasite. It sucks blood for your girl’s scalp. Apply anti lice treatments to her scalp as soon as possible.

  1. Sindhu

    My daughter is now 5 years and 10 months old. She is having high grade fever since last Friday, taken her to doctor he prescribed medication but didn’t get relieved hence got the blood tests done and reports came on Sunday with TLC as 16600 which has Neutrophils of 68, Lymphocyte of 25 . Currently she is on Syrup Meftalspas, 8 hourly 10ml, Syrup Clamp kid forte thrice daily 10ml and Tixylix. Till today high grade fever is still there that subsides on medicines. Please suggest.

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      No other medicine is required. Your doctors are treating her adequately.

      This appears to be an infection. It would take time to subside. Just keep giving her the medicines and take care of her.

      If the temperatures are above 100degree Fahrenheit at any point, start cold compress with a clean towel. Do not let temperatures be high for a long time.


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