Cystic Focus on Side of Gestational Sac

Q: Hi, I went for check up with my obs gyne and I have this ultrasound report. “Small, anechoic, cystic focus, right side of the gestational sac with a live embryo. To rule out a second empty and deformed gestational sac.” Is it safe? I am 3 months pregnant. What does it mean- “To rule out a second empty and deformed gestational sac?” Thank you and I am so much worried.
-By Cyxteen


If your hormones are alright, and the fetal growth as on ultrasound is alright, your pregnancy is safe.

Most of the miscarriages occur in the first trimester, that is the first three months of pregnancy. As a women enters her second trimester, pregnancy becomes much more safe. Since you are already 3 months pregnant, you may stay relaxed.

The cystic focus seen on ultrasound may be a blighted ovum or some small hemorrhage. This has to be investigated and taken care of.

Blighted Ovum

If the fetus fails to develop after implantation, the gestational sac appears empty and the condition is called blighted ovum. This usually occurs very early in pregnancy.

If your doctor is suspecting a second gestational sac, it is possible that you had a twin pregnancy. One of the embryo failed to develop.

The cystic lesion may also be a collection of some fluid, like blood. The uterine lining is richly supplied with blood vessels. It is possible that any of the vessel ruptured to form the cystic sac. This needs to be investigated.

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Buddy M.D.

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