Pregnancy After Missed Abortion

Q: Hi, I am a mother of 5 year old and was pregnant recently again that was 11 weeks through. Then there was a light brown discharge which was confirmed to be a missed abortion on ultrasound today. I was told that the fetus did not grow after 6th week. It is extremely distressing and I would like to know possible reasons. I just turned 35 when I got pregnant. Did it happen because of my age and am I old for a healthy pregnancy? What precautions should I take next time? When is the earliest that I may get pregnant again? Please advise and help.
– By Sonali


A missed abortion is a nature’s way of terminating something that was not likely to result in a normal delivery. There can be many reasons for it. But first it is important that you take plenty of rest, eat healthy and sleep well. Although you were only pregnant for a short time, your body has gone through a lot of hormonal changes, almost as much as going through 9 months. Let your normal menses resume. It would be preferable to try getting pregnant after at least one normal menstrual period.

Maternal age is definitely a big factor. Conceptions after 35 years of age are more likely to have chromosomal abnormalities, which do not let the fetus survive beyond 20 weeks. But since yours is a borderline case, no conclusion can be made just on the basis of age.

It is important to find out why the abortion occurred, so that it may not happen again. What reason did your doctor give you?

Causes of Abortion

Usually, abortions in the first trimester are due to either-

  • An abnormality in the fetus (chromosomal defects)
  • Abnormal placental growth

However, there are several other causes like maternal diabetes, hypertension, fevers, urine infection, or blood group incompatibility or infections like TORCH Group, which can cause it. So you need to get a few tests to find the cause. If some cause can be detected, get it treated first.

Sometimes, no cause may be found and just general stress could have resulted in abortion.


  • You can take tablet folic acid, 5 mg/day for three months before planning the next pregnancy. This is usually helpful.
  • During the next pregnancy close monitoring of the fetal growth needs to be done.
  • As a precaution, injection HCG may be taken for about four months every week during the pregnancy.

Take Care

Buddy M.D.

Medical Advice (Q&As) on “Pregnancy After Missed Abortion

  1. Preeti

    I truly appreciate your prompt response on my query. I forgot to mention that I am under treatment for thyroid, however we planned pregnancy only after it was completely under control. During pregnancy also, TSH test was well under normal range.

    However, I remember that after the treatment started, my periods (which were otherwise always timely) got delayed by 5 days for first 2 months and the next month it was on time but heavy and only or 2 days. I conceived post this menstrual cycle.

    Does such a change in menstrual cycle impact quality of egg?

  2. praveena

    I am tied up with my uncle’s son now for almost 6 years. I did not have child beginning. I had polycystic ovaries. My gyne did laparoscopy, after that I got pregnant but in 6th week it ends up with missed abortion. Last year, I underwent d&c. Now I’m planning to get pregnant. Can you suggest me what are the things I should keep in my mind for next pregnancy. Now my age is 33.

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      Causes of pregnancy loss in early stage of pregnancy is usually chromosomal abnormalities within the fetus itself. This does not occur on a recurrent basis. There are pretty good chances that you may not have any such problem again.

      Other reasons that may lead to abortions in early pregnancy:
      Drinking alcohol or excess of caffeine (tea/coffee)
      Exposure to harmful radiations or any toxic drug
      Any trauma
      Hormonal fluctuations, emotional stress

      Precautionary steps

      Conceive on a healthy and detoxified body. For that, do the following:
      Exercise regularly
      Eat healthy, consume plenty of fruits and vegetables
      Manage stress, both physical and emotional. Do not let it take a toll on you.
      Keep your weight within healthy limits
      Take folic acid daily
      Avoid smoking and alcohol
      Limit tea and coffee

  3. Ruma

    I am 5 weeks pregnant. Got aborted by tablet. Blessing for 7 days. Still showing positive in the home test. What to do? Is it pregnant or not?

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      Likely to be pregnant.

      It’s dangerous to take medicines for abortion now. Medicines will not be able to abort. They will just damage your baby.

      You need to go for a gyne check up.

  4. Rose

    Hey i got a missed miscarriage at 20 weeks in December last year and it’s four months now after and I have tried but haven’t conceived yet, am so worried and i don’t know how long it will take me to conceive because my husband is always putting me on pressure so what can I do?

  5. Aakanksha

    I’m 30yrs old, having PCOD and on a metformin treatment for it. I had a missed miscarriage this week at 6 weeks. What precautions should be taken for the next pregnancy?

  6. noreen

    I last saw my period on 8 of July, I missed my period in August, so I went for an abortion on 11 of August which I bleed for 7days. A week ago, I did a strip test which came out negative, now I don’t know when the next period will come and how to start calculating my cycle again.

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      Was this a medical abortion, that is, did you take pills for aborting?

      Well, it’s going to take time for your menses to come and stabilize again. Give it at least 2 to 3 months.

  7. Sruti


    My age is 33. WE are trying for last 6 months. I got pregnant on last October after trying 2 months. But we got to know at 8 week, that it was a blighted ovum and missed miscarriage. I passed out through medicine in Nov end. Again we tried after 3month and I got pregnant in first month itself. But at 8 week .U/s scan shows fetal pole with no heartbeat. Doc said, it’s again a missed miscarriage. I really don’t know what step to take next.
    My BMI index is 26. I have hereditary cholesterol and take medicine, but I stopped medicine before TTC. Lifestyle is healthy. Not sure what’s going wrong.
    Please show me the correct path , so that I can have a healthy pregnancy next.

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      Sorry for the situation.

      Termination at about 8 weeks is likely to be due to fetal causes, not your’s.

      What medicines do you take for cholesterol? Any medical problem you or your husband suffer from?

  8. tshering

    Hi m 10 week 5 day pregnant and it was missed abortion and yesterday I have done OT (operation )I mean just clean up my womb…..and now please help me so how and when I will b pregnant again as normal and healthy baby

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      The cause of abortion needs to be investigated. What reason did your gyne give for the abortion? Was this your first time? Age?

      1. tshering

        I have also 1 baby boy ….and he is 5 year old but he is also premature…..and yes that was my first time missed abortion and I m 26 years …..

        1. Buddy M.D. Post author

          You’re likely to be able to conceive normally next time. Waiting for 2 to 3 cycles wouldbe better.

          Take care, you’re eating healthy. Avoid excess of tea, coffee, liquor. Plenty of fruits and vegetables are recommended to replenish your vitamin reserves.

  9. Sanu

    Hi.. I’m 27yrs old.. I was 11wks pregnant had brownish discharge USG revealed missed abortion and fetal growth only up-to using tablet doctor terminated my pregnancy…when can I plan my next pregnancy.. Wat would be the cause.. Whether again this will happen

    1. Buddy M.D. Post author

      Cause needs to be investigated by your doctor.

      Probable causes may be some maternal infection of the pelvic region, low level of maternal hormones, chromosomal anomaly in the fetus, excess physical strain or mental stress.

      It’s usually recommended to wait for 3 cycles before planning next pregnancy. Eat health and take adequate sleep all this while to conceive healthy.


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