Asymptomatic Carriers

The first thing to understand is that asymptomatic carriers can spread this infection further. These are people affected by coronavirus, not showing any symptoms, appearing to be very healthy. Furthermore, they’re not coughing or sneezing.

Even then, they may spread the infection further. This has been confirmed by WHO now.

How Dose This Happen?

Such asymptomatic carriers spread infection while they talk, shake hands or  touch common surfaces. So, it’s important to keep a safe distance with everybody while you talk.

Avoid touching common surfaces to the extent possible.

Making a habit of washing hands after every 2 hours would pay you amidst the pandemic.

How Infectious Are Asymptomatic Carriers?

People infected with Covid 19 but showing no signs of illness may be the most infectious ones.

This is because of the following reasons-

  • You may not know that he’s a carrier. Infact, he himself may be ignorant of this fact. So, our defensive guards may be low.
  • People are more infectious in their early stages of contracting the illness. Early stage may show no symptom to very mild illness.
  • Remember, asymptomatic cases may be Pre symptomatic. That is, they may develop the disease later on. So, they need to be watchful.

How To Detect These Asymptomatic Carriers?

Well, there’s no way, else very rigid and widespread testing, which seems impractical in most countries.

So, wearing a mask and keeping social distancing become very important till some cure for the disease is known.

Treatment Of Corona Infected Asymptomatic Patient

This is a very commonly asked question. If someone has the infection, but feels fine, does he still needs medication?

Well, according to the latest guidelines, No. You may just need to take rest, plenty of fluids and a healthy diet to help your body fight out the infection.

Regular servings of fresh fruits and vegetables would help.

Mild symptomatic patients may also be managed in the same same. A little medical support may be taken. You may take Paracetamol tot control fever, steam inhalation to assist airways.

Also, self isolate yourself, as per medical guidelines, to prevent the spread of infection.

Be watchful for any other sign or symptom. If you feel any shortness of breath, pressure or pain over the chest, breathlessness, you need to seek medical help at once.

People With Co Morbid Illness

Even if asymptomatic, people suffering from any underlying medical illness need to check with your doctor whether or not he’s at a higher risk.

In general, risk factor may include

  • Diabetic
  • Cardiovascular patients
  • Older population, above 70 years of age
  • Patients with chronic Liver disaese
  • Patients with chronic kidney diseaese
  • Blood disorders

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