Stress Causing Neck and Back Aches

Q: Since last year, I have been thinking a lot about myself. I continue to think what’s going to happen; how can I overcome my problems. And because of this, I feel needle pain at my upper back, neck and back of the head. My problematic areas which I feel are:

Whenever I see someone talking in fluent English in front of me, I feel very disappointed. I feel why can’t I talk like that.

I have anxiety problems. I think a lot while facing the people and talking alone in front of them, that too in English. I even fear to talk to my boss as his attitude is little tough. But other people talk to him very well, then I wonder how can they talk and be so relaxed with him. And that too gives me stress, leading to my pain.

I have good grasp over the technical things. But now I am not even able to concentrate well on technical topics, as I could do in the past. I have lost interest in imagining such things which used to give me immense pleasure.

Please suggest some help as I know I can overcome these, but need some direction.


Your neck and back pain are related to anxiety. So it would be a good idea to reduce stress and anxiety. You may like to start some relaxation techniques such as meditation.

If you confident about your technical and occupational skills, better take advantage of them. Language skills are somewhat important in certain occupations such as writers, professional speakers etc. For others, it’s not that important, After all employers hire people for what they know, rather than how well they speak. But if you still find speech skills very important, then you may take some training on it.

If you have some depression symptoms such as sadness, loss of interest in things that you otherwise liked in the past, change in appetite and body weight, sleep alteration, tiredness etc., then you may need to consult a psychiatrist for evaluation of depression.

Take care,

Buddy M.D.

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