Gastrointestinal Flu-like symptoms With Skin Rashes

Q: I an 25 years old male. I have abdominal pain, body aches, headache, fatigue, flu, some rashes around my femur, muscles vibrations and some times diarrhea. I normally used to have these symptoms about 8 month ago as well. Thanks.
-By Abdullahi


You need to be examined thoroughly to reach any conclusive diagnosis.

First, it could be a gastrointestinal viral infection. Abdominal viruses may present with such symptoms.

Such a picture is also seen in tick borne infections like Lyme disease. It is common in people who spent time in grassy and woody areas.

The earliest symptom is a rash. Slowly, flu-like symptoms develop and the patient feels very tired.

The rash is migratory in nature. It may appear on other parts of the body with time. 

If not diagnosed early, the disease advances in a few months to give serious complications. 

Other Conditions to Be Ruled Out

Apart from lyme disease, a few other conditions need to be ruled out including-

Any food allergy: This can also give a rash. Flu like symptoms may be there. Some gastrointestinal symptoms are often seen. Since you have mentioned diarrhea, be observant if you are allergic to any food, and after eating that food you are having problems.

Commonly, people are allergic to peanuts, shellfish, strawberries, sea food etc.

Hypothyroidism: Here the thyroid hormones are reduced.

Fibromyalgia: Here, the patient feels a body wide pain, in all muscles, soft tissues and joints. The condition has a link with stress and sleep problems.

Chronic fatigue syndrome: If flu-like symptoms last for 6 months or more, this condition needs to be ruled out.

You need to visit a doctor for a thorough check up and diagnosis.

Take Care,

Buddy M.D. 

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